5 Amazing places in Istanbul that are a must-visit



When it comes to vacations, there are so many spots that one can visit and explore. But, isn’t it sometimes better to just visit around the spots that the majority of the people normally wouldn’t? Such is the case with the Instanbul tours. The country is much underrated but has an immense amount of tourist attractions that will leave your mind boggled.

To help you out, we have sorted through some amazing spots that are worth visiting.

Aya Sofya

As cliché as it sounds, Aya Sofya is one of the best spots to visit and explore while in Istanbul. It was formerly known as Hagia Sophia. It has undergone a conversion to a mosque and has one of the most beautiful architectures. It now serves as a museum but the majority of the people visit it just for how the place looks.

Sultan Ahmet Camii

Also known as the Blue Mosque, the Sultan Ahmet Camii is yet another one of the architectural masterpieces that you definitely need to explore around while in Istanbul. It was built between 1606 and 1619 and is named as the Blue Mosque because of the presence of the Iznik tiles inside. The gardens inside the place are just as breathtaking.


This is yet another place that holds a significant amount of history behind it. Septimius Severus started the construction which was then finally finished by Constantine. The place is now in ruins because of the kind of time that has passed but you can witness some of the remains of the walls. There are some amazing spots around to visit and explore too.

Istanbul Archaeology Museum

It is true that not every person like visiting museums but you wouldn’t regret visiting this one. The wide range of artifacts and the remains and history that they place has accumulated is staggering.

Kapali Çarsi

Also known as Grand Bazaar, this is the spot you can visit to explore the shopping options in Istanbul. This is considered to be the world’s first shopping mall, as weird as it sounds. You will find a range of small and big Turkish shops in rows selling authentic items and souvenirs that you can take back.

While you are planning your next vacation, make sure that you do visit Istanbul if possible. The place is underrated but one of the best spots to visit and explore without any second doubts.

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