5 Ideas for a Family Day Trip


Coming up with novel approaches to spend time with your family can be difficult. Going to the park, watching a movie or window shopping at the nearest shopping centre are all great activities, but sometimes, you need to inject some excitement into your lives and do something different.

A day trip can be the ideal solution for you! Pack up some water, snacks and other essentials and bundle your family into the car to discover a new adventure. There are loads of things to do that are just a car ride away. 

Bringing your family, especially young children, to new locations can be ideal for bonding. Additionally, being in a new environment inspires curiosity and excitement, which allows your children to have both a fun and educational experience. 

This can be doubly true if you bring them to places where they can immerse themselves in arts, culture, science, history, and more.

Proper planning for this is critical to ensure that you can travel to your destination and back in a day. Besides, you will need to set off early to avoid traffic and crowds. 

Be sure to have your children’s booster seat appropriately fitted before setting out on your trip to ensure a comfortable car journey.

Here are some ideas of where to go on your next family day trip.

Natural Fun

Plant the seed of environmentalism in your kids by bringing them over to Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens, or whatever significant gardens may be closest to you.

The inherent beauty and peaceful surroundings of this garden landscape will nurture in your children an everlasting appreciation for nature. 

Walking through the gardens amidst a riot of colourful flowers is an experience you do not want to miss. You can also get a glimpse of iconic scenery as Mrs Macquarie’s Chair provides a spectacular view of the harbour. 

Sweat It Out

If you have older children, consider going for a hike. The Blue Mountains of New South Wales is an ideal place for it. 

Not only would this be a chance for your family to get in some exercise, but you can also admire the sights and sounds of a natural landscape that a city cannot provide. 

With six trails of different difficulties to choose from, you can plan for a long or short hike that will get your blood pumping and sweat flowing.

A Farming Experience

Get a taste of the country life by going to the Haigslea EWE Nique Hobby Farm. Just west of Brisbane, this farm hosts a variety of farm animals you can observe and feed. 

Besides the typical chickens and cows, there are also alpacas, goats and sheep to be found there. There are various activities for you and your family to participate in, making it an educational experience for all ages.

Unadulterated Fun

Let your kids have some fun in the sun by bringing them to Newcastle’s best playground. Found at Speers Point, Lake Macquarie, it has a large play area with lots of different play equipment that will keep your kids entertained. 

When they get tired (or you do), you can relax and enjoy some food at the nearby cafe. Free entry means that many other children will be there, giving your kids a chance to meet and play with new people.

This used to be a great hangout spot for the kids and me when we lived in the area. Whether you have kids that are toddlers or teens, there is something for everyone.

Museum Mission

Museums are an excellent place for the whole family to visit as you can all learn new things. Many of these museums also have free interactive activities that will keep kids entertained and satisfied. 

Here are some places you can consider. The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory is great for adventurous kids, with a giant saltwater crocodile named Sweetheart being exhibited.

Meanwhile, the Art Gallery of South Australia is more for artistic types. Want to be outdoors instead? Head to Sovereign Hill, then! Learn about Victoria’s gold-mining history with staff all dressed up in period clothing. 

Image Pixabay License CCO

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