5 Water Sports the Whole Family Can Try


In the U.K., campsite bookings are up 500% in 2021. Many of these bookings are along lakes and rivers.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, families started to look for alternatives to get outside and stay safe. More people turned to camping and water sports to replace outings and vacations.

What if you want to do water sports with your whole family? There are some activities that kids just aren’t ready for. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t other water sports for the younger ones.

Read on to learn what the best water activities for kids are and how you can stay safe while having fun.

  1. Stand Up Paddle

This water activity has really become a popular choice for families to enjoy the water over the last 15 years or so.

Stand up paddle is a relaxing activity that requires balance and overall body strength. It’s a bit harder than it looks.

If you have young ones, you might have them sit in the front while you paddle.

  1. Kayaking

Kayaking is an active way to enjoy the water. You can rent a couple of double kayaks to make sure that kids learn the basics of paddling a kayak.

Many water sports stores rent kayaks for a few hours, which is plenty of time to enjoy the water.

  1. Fishing

Fishing is a water activity that’s rewarding because you might be able to eat what you catch. Of course, that will depend on the catch and release laws where you fish.

You don’t need to buy or rent an expensive boat to go fishing. You can start with fly fishing in a river or get a small inflatable boat.  Pumpupboats.com has a wealth of information about choosing the right b

Before you throw down your line, you want to make sure that you have the proper permits to fish. The local fishing store usually sells them for a nominal fee.

  1. Tubing

Does the idea of floating down a river appeal to you? Tubing is a fantastic way to enjoy the water without really doing anything. You sit in an inner tube and float down a river.

It’s a fun activity that the entire family can enjoy.

There is a version of tubing where you are on a lake and pulled by a boat. Speeds can get above 20 miles an hour, so you want to think twice about having your kids take part.

  1. Snorkeling

Snorkeling brings the aquarium right to you. You swim along the top of the water and spot as much sea life as you can.

It’s an educational opportunity, too. You can use the time to teach your kids about water conservation, the different types of fish and ecosystems.

You don’t need much equipment, just a snorkeling mask, and flippers.

Water Sports for Your Next Family Vacation

You’ve been cooped up for too long. When the weather gets warmer, you’re going to want to get outside as much as you can.

Water sports are a great way to beat the heat and keep your kids active. You want to choose the water activities that are appropriate and safe. The ones listed here are a great way to have fun and make incredible memories.

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