6 things you must do in Bali


If you are planning to visit Bali, also known as the ‘islands of the gods’, prepare yourself for a fantastic experience. This tropical island has many adventures in store for you. You will discover lush tropical nature, postcard-worthy beaches, and a stunning spirituality. Let’s find out the must do things in Bali that will help you create beautiful memories:

  • Visit the Tanah Lot Temple

When in Bali, you should consider attending one of the most famous attractions, the Tanah Lot Temple, which is composed of 3 temples. Tanah Lot Temple is situated in the Beraban village of the Tabanan Regency, at approx 20 km of the Kuta region. It has a unique location on a large offshore rock on the beach, and during the low tide, tourists can cross from one temple to the other to see the sea snakes that are dwelling in the crevices around the Tirta Pabersihan fountain. At the high tide, the rock is surrounded by water. All this constitutes a fantastic sight, unforgettable. As an extra tip, you should visit the temple at sunset; tourists enjoy the spectacle the light of the sun is making on the beautiful temples.

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  • Enjoy the culture and art in Ubud

A trip to Ubud will help you to experience the authentic Balinese culture. You can walk through the rice paddies, play with monkeys, or even visit the art gallery from Neka-Art Museum, discovering the evolution of art in Bali. Ubud is the cultural and artistic heart of Bali, so you cannot miss this. It is a stunning city, which provides excellent sightseeing, like the ones mentioned before at what we can add to the majestic waterfalls. If you want to try out yoga or you already practice it, this is the place you need to be. This city is exceptionally spiritual, and the vibe is chilled out. You can even find yoga retreats here.

  • Play with monkeys at Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

You cannot miss the famous monkey forest from Bali. They will help you create exceptional memories here, and you will be able to observe them carefully and even play with them. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is the natural habitat of the Balinese long-tailed monkey in a jungle scenery and is located in Padangtegal, Ubud. One thousand ninety-four monkeys live in this place, and they are pretty active, providing a beautiful experience. But, be careful; they are high thefts. Secure your phone, food, or water to be sure that they won’t steal from you. Otherwise, just enjoy the show they will perform.

  • Surf in Kuta

Even if you are not passionate about surfing or you haven’t tried it before, Kuta is the right place to give it a try. The waves are gentle on this famous beach of Bali, and the water is sharps-free so that you can surf at peace. You can also rent a board or sign up for surf lessons. It will be an exciting experience, and afterward, you can just sit on the beach, relax and sip your favorite beverage, enjoying the tropical atmosphere.

  • Enjoy dinner at Bebek Bengil

Food is an essential part of any trip. And the one in Bali cannot be an exception. We recommend the Bebek Bengil restaurant in Ubud, famous for the heavenly crispy duck dishes. The name itself means “dirty duck’ in Indonesian, and the restaurant is one of the top-ranked in Ubud. The location is in a nice rice field, and you can enjoy your dinner in a vast open-air dining pavilion.

  • See a Kecak dance

Bali is recognized for the fantastic dances, and Kecak Dance is one of the most famous, developed in 1930. The performances are usually held outdoors, under the stars, providing a unique experience. You can find this kind of shows all over the island, but the best play is at Pura Uluwatu, performed at sunset for a more dramatic effect.

These are the main must do things in Bali, we hope you will enjoy them. Try as much as you can from what this island offers you for a more fabulous experience. Seek the spirituality, have fun at the beach, surfing, or just laying in the sun, take a walk in the rice fields, greet a few monkeys, enjoy a tasty dish. This island is an excellent opportunity to make lovely memories and discover a new culture.

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