Acquiring real estate in Greece


People buy luxury real estate for sale for a variety of reasons. For example, for investment purposes. Or to radically change the situation and, at the same time, the host country. This article is written for those who decide to buy property in Greece.

Where to start?

First, decide for yourself where you would like to live. If you are an incorrigible city dweller, then choose between the capitals. Athens is a real southern metropolis, with all its pluses and minuses. Among the advantages: good transport infrastructure, including the metro, rich cultural life (concerts, theaters, exhibitions, etc.), proximity to the sea, and you can literally get to the beaches by trolleybus. 

A very good location of the city – in the center of the country – allows you to get to any corner of it with the least effort, time, and money. Unlike Thessaloniki, it is generally warmer here, which minimizes heating costs in winter. In summer, however, it can be very hot here, but if you choose housing in a green area, then heat stroke can be avoided.

The legal side of the issue

The only exception for foreigners concerns areas considered border areas under Greek law, despite many of them being quite far from the state borders of Greece. The purchase of real estate is accompanied by obtaining permission from the authorities of the country. 

Buying Holiday villas for rent in Greece provides visa benefits with the right to stay in the country up to 90 days in half a year from the date of first entry. The maximum validity of such a visa is three years. Regardless of his citizenship and residence permit, any owner in Greece must pay annual taxes on real estate and utilities. Tax arrears lead to fines and refusal to issue visas and extend residence permits. 

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