Advices and hints before you plan your trip to Chennai


Chennai is one of the largest commercial and industrial hubs in India and is famous for its culture and rich heritage. Chennai is known as the Gateway of South India because of its historical presence and inspirational legacy. From a wide range of multi-cuisines to a huge collection of silk saris, Chennai attracts tourists from different parts of the world. Therefore, you should visit Chennai at least once in your lifetime. However, you need to follow certain travel trips in order to make your journey a safer and a memorable one.

Travel tips for a safe excursion to Chennai:

  • Chennai is a perfect place for shopping. However, you have to bargain a lot because the selling prices are two or three times more than the actual cost price. You need to have sufficient changes and coins for easy payment to the sellers who are quite unwilling to give change.
  • Before you travel Chennai, make sure that you have knowledge on all the transport facilities from your location. For example, if you are coming from Singapore, you can find Singapore to Chennai flight at affordable prices from the online web portals.
  • Be cautious of you are planning to use a taxi. The taxi drivers often use the advantage of the ignorance of the travellers especially the foreign travellers and they will charge you a lump sum amount. Before you use a taxi, make sure you negotiate the amount.
  • Chennai is very famous for pickpocketing especially in crowdie areas. Keep you cash, important documents, credit cards, debit cards from the prying eyes. Also, keep a check on your cameras.
  • It is also recommended that the tourists should explore the local attractions on their own without taking help from a tour operator. This will help to reduce the money spent on these travel companies.
  • Be cautious when you buy water and local food from Chennai. Visit the grocery stores to buy purified and sealed water bottles.
  • Wear fully covered clothes and avoid any type of fitting clothes and don’t even think of wearing shorts. This is because the people of Chennai are very much conscious about their values and traditions and they lead a very simple lifestyle. The South Indian families have a lot of respect for women. This is one of the reasons why you should wear proper clothes.
  • It is advised not to make any comments on any religion. Even if you are making it, do not make any negative comments. Also, avoid smoking and drinking in public areas.

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