All That You Must Know About Aerodynamics


Aerodynamics defines the way how air moves around various things. The basic rule of aerodynamics will explain how an airplane can fly. Anything that will move through the air will react to aerodynamics. If a rocket gets blasted off from the launchpad and also a kite flying in the sky will react to aerodynamics.

Not only for the airplane, but the principle of aerodynamics can also act on the cars, since air also flows around the cars.

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The following are a few common terms generally used while you want to understand aerodynamics.

·      Lift

Lift is the force that will make any object move at a right-angle of the velocity. It is the force that will be the opposite of weight. Anything that will fly must have a certain lift. For any aircraft to move up, it must have much more lift than its weight.

·      Drag

Drag is the force that will act against the motion of the object. It makes it difficult for any object to move. You must have observed that it is difficult to walk or run while you are underwater than through air.

·      Weight

Weight will tell you how heavy that the object is. Everything on this earth has weight. Due to gravitational force, every object is pulled down. For flying an aircraft you will need something to push it against force and direction of gravity. A kite will need a far less upward push as compared to a jumbo jet.

·      Thrust

Thrust is the necessary force that is just the opposite of drag. It is the push that will move something forward. For any aircraft to move forward, it should have more thrust as compared to drag.

These 4 forces of flight are very important to understand the principle of aerodynamics. All these forces will make any object moving up or down, and also faster or slower. The actual amount of each of these forces, there will be changes in how any object will move through the air.

How the wings of an airplane can offer a lift?

An airplane’s wings shape is what will make any object fly. Usually, the wings of an airplane are curved on the top and flatter on its bottom. That kind of shape will make airflow over the top much faster than it is under the bottom.

So, there will be less air pressure on top of the wing. This kind of condition will make the wing, and also the airplane that is attached to will move up. By using curves for changing air pressure is a kind of trick used on different aircrafts.

Helicopter rotor blades often use this trick. Also, the lift for kites comes from its curved shape. Even sailboats will generally use this concept. A sail of a boat is also like a wing. That is what will make the sailboat move.

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