All the details for you to plan an unforgettable party


At Toronto Limo Service we think that any excuse is good to rent a limousine to organize a party. Both in the personal and professional fields, surely you are going to find lots of occasions when you have things to celebrate and all of them deserve a spectacular attraction. And, what could be better than hiring a limo rental? You also need to dedicate time to them so that they are unforgettable for you and for all your guests. The key is to have good planning.

Let’s start at the beginning, is it a social or personal or professional event? If it is social or personal, the most common are birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, and theme parties with friends or surprise celebrations. If we are talking about a professional celebration, it could be a Christmas party or anniversary of the opening of the company, an inauguration, etc. All the details that you will have to take into account to plan your party

Date and Time

Do you have to organize a social or corporate event? When to celebrate your party? Generally Friday and Saturday evening are the best days to organize a party, but if you want your event to be a success, we recommend that you take into account variables such as – time which have available to devote to the organization, relevant sporting events, holidays, and the weather.

Budget to organize a party

The budget may vary if the party is a private or company celebration. In case of private party the money is going to come out of your pocket. Think about how much money you want to spend and do not go out of your budget. Usually, companies have a budget for this type of event, so the first thing is to know how much money you have to start with the organization.

Type of party

Defining the type of party you are going to organize is essential since you will have to inform the guests and the venue, the caterer, the decorator, the DJ, etc. Once you decide, remember to inform the guests of these details since there is nothing worse than going to a costume party without a costume or vice versa or going dressed casually to an event where everyone goes in a suit.

Place of the perfect party

Choosing the perfect place for your party is one of the main decisions you will have to make and it is closely related to the type of party you have decided to organize. There are certain issues that you will have to look at when choosing – capacity, location, interior or exterior, bathrooms and other facilities, party music, parking, space distribution, décor, comply with the accessibility rules, etc.  Food and drink is one of the most important sections of the party.


As you can see, organizing the ideal party requires taking into account many factors. But do not spread panic. If you want to meet all the requirements that we have discussed and you

do not know how to do it, consult with an expert. However, if you are organizing a small party with a few of your closest friends or colleagues, hiring a limousine is the right choice.

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