Boat Rental with a Skipper in Barcelona: For What Purpose Can You Rent a Yacht?


Renting a boat or yacht in a resort town is nothing unusual. As soon as you step onto the promenade, you will immediately be offered a vessel of any capacity and class for organizing a sea trip. In addition, on thematic websites, you can always find the same vessels as on the promenade, but often under more favorable conditions.

However, few people know that, for example, in Barcelona, you can rent large boats that will follow the route you specify through the Mediterranean Sea. We are talking about boats that are also happy and readily rented out. If you want to temporarily become the owner of a yacht in Barcelona, you might be interested in renting a boat from the company Barcelona Boat Rental.

But for what purpose are such large vessels rented in Barcelona? First, it should be noted that boats are designed for groups ranging from 20 to 250 people. Therefore, they are rented for various purposes and companies. Second, the assortment of available boats includes vessels of different classes and purposes – this should also be taken into account when choosing a boat. Both capacity and class will affect the cost.

Smaller boats are usually rented for tours lasting no more than 2-3 hours. On such a boat, there will not be a banquet hall, stage, kitchen, or service staff unless you request it in advance. The boat will follow a pre-agreed route, approaching landmarks, and interesting historical or natural sites when necessary. If desired by the organizers, the vessel can stop in permitted areas.

Larger vessels are rented for hosting recreational events – birthdays, weddings, and graduations. The capacity and class of the vessel depending on the budget and guest list. On a large boat, you will find separate enclosed and open decks, halls for buffets and banquets, stages, and halls for hosting show programs. Some vessels are designed for long-term guest accommodations, featuring sleeping cabins, kitchens, and showers. Others offer the opportunity to use additional services, such as jet ski rental.

Finally, boats are rented for seminars, corporate meetings, lectures, and conferences. The unusual setting adds a touch of uniqueness to these events, making them more memorable. For such purposes, VIP-class catamarans are usually chosen.