Camping Skills Every Good Camper Should Know


Camping is all about adventure and exploration, but with that freedom comes a certain level of skill. A couple of nifty camping talents are going to come in very handy on any kind of trip. Relaxed or action packed, cold or hot, long or short, every adventure is going to need some smarts to ensure that everything runs as smoothly and as successfully as possible. Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned pro who’s looking to add a few extra tricks into their arsenal, these camping skills are going to be perfect for you.

Trip Planning and Clever Packing

The first skill is one to learn and perfect before you even set foot at the camping ground! Learning how to properly plan is such a useful and essential skill, this will ensure that every trip you have is going to be fun and smooth sailing, wherever it is that you might be setting off too! Get used to doing plenty of researching, asking your fellow campers and reaching out to the community either at trade shows or online for amazing advice that’s going to place you in some of the best camping spots that the country has to offer. Clever packing goes hand in hand with your planning process. Packing is an art, and once you perfect it you really won’t have to give it a second thought. Buy separate luggage for your camping gear, keep clothing, outdoors kit, food and first aid all segmented in separate bags and decant larger essentials into smaller bottles for a lighter load.

Tent or Trailer Set Up

Setting up your trailer or pitching your tent are very handy skills to have, no one wants to be wrestling at their site for hours on end. Camper trailers are fantastic because they pretty much take all of the work out of the set up for you, particularly if you secure yourself a hard floor model. Choose from forward fold, rear fold or double fold camper trailers to set up a comfortable home away from home in a few minutes. Those who prefer tents should practice pitching a couple of times before they hit the site to avoid annoyances or potential dramas that leave you without shelter.

First Aid

Safety first, campers! Learning your safety essentials really should be on your list whether you’re heading off for the trip of a lifetime or not. Read up on first aid that’s necessary for camping such as treating cuts, grazes and burns or identifying different insect bites. This will give you peace of mind whilst you’re out exploring bush, grass or mountains

Camping Knots

Get good at tying a few core camping knots and you’ll quickly become the favourite around the campground, promise! Knowing how to lie a few basic style knots will be so useful in so many different circumstances. Whether it’s towing, walking, exploring the coast, water activities or climbing, you’re going to need to know at least one or two simple knots to get you through. Again, once you’re a pro at a couple of knots you’ll be able to help everyone around you and make some new camping connections, which is always nice!

Campsite Cooking

Lastly, cooking. Perfecting a few camping culinary creations will save you time and time again. Practice some simple, rustic recipes that you’ll be confident cooking on barbecues, portable stoves and outdoor kitchens for easy mealtimes in the great outdoors.

Well, what are you waiting for? Practice makes perfect, so get going and start trying out these camping skills to become the best camper you can be!