Couple’s Trip to Boston: 4 Romantic Activities to Try


It’s hard not to take inspiration from all the beautiful quaint places in cottage-core classics when you’re planning a romantic trip with your s/o. But if you’re a city girl, it’ll be hard to adjust in the most idyllic of B&Bs in a small town if there’s no cell service. You want a taste of freedom with the thrill of going off the grid to spend some quality time with your partner but not at the expense of losing all the bars. So you settle for a city that offers the best of both worlds: Boston. 

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This is a historical city with ancient buildings whose architecture speaks volumes about a rich past; a vibrant theatre community with clubs and theatrical shows screening all the time, and a beautiful location for romantic evening strolls or day trips. It’s neither all modern nor all archaic so you’ll definitely hit your sweet spot while visiting Boston. 

If you’re only flying there for a weekend, that’ll barely scratch the surface. And, once you spend some time there, you’d know it’s a disservice to the city to enter and exit in the blink of an eye. But, if you must, it’s best to be planned ahead of time than to Google everything after you land. Here are some romantic places to visit and things to do while you’re in Boston. 

Romantic Walks in the Public Garden and Boston Common 

Sometimes all you need to spark romance in your relationship is to backtrack and slow down. Modern couples are bogged down by impossible expectations of making everything perfect every single day. To want a perfect home, perfect family, perfect dog, perfect job and perfect vacations is a bit much. Perfection brings happiness to only those who have never tasted the thrill of enjoying spontaneity. 

You may not need a five-star hotel service to enjoy a vacation with your partner as some silent hours spent together in the company of each other. And Boston is inviting you with its finest slices of nature: Public Garden and Boston Common. There’s something about those tall trees and green patches of grass that bring peace to the heart. And walking through them, hand in hand, with your s/o is the simplest, most valuable dream to live. 

Ride Swan Boats 

Call us an oldie, but Swan Lake was one of the classic love stories that millennials grew up watching. And you can have your very own Princess Odette moment with the love of your life while riding the Swan Boats. This is one of the most famous and oldest attractions that the city has to offer. The Swan Boats have been there since 1877 and have given children and adults delightful rides across the lake. 

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Fly Over the Boston Common Frog Pond 

If you want to make your trip to Boston truly magical, plan a winter trip. Not just so that you two can snuggle together and enjoy the warmth of each other’s company, but also because the Boston Common Frog Pond is a sight to behold in winters. The entire expanse of water freezes and turns to ice and offers skaters the perfect chance to glide over the crystallized floor. With the city lights twinkling and laughs and giggles jingling in the air, the two of you dancing on the lake together will look like figures from a snowglobe. 

Don’t miss this chance to enjoy an ice-skating experience! Not to mention, pairs who skate together stay together. Skating is a lot about balancing your weight and trusting your partner with your burdens. Without strong physical chemistry, your dance will be clumsy at best. But there’s something to learn after every fall. Sounds like the perfect remedy to mend the cracks in your bond, doesn’t it? 

Wine and Dine 

We’re not just talking about reserving a table for two for dinner at a fancy restaurant in your city. Going on wine tours in Boston is what we’re offering! As if the metropolis didn’t have enough to attract lovebirds from all over, it also has a wide array of local wineries that offer wine tours. Put these tours on your itinerary because nowhere else will you find the perfect blend of the history, culture, tastes, and grapes of Boston in a crystal glass. 

Wine tasting is not just for connoisseurs but also for amateurs and novices who wish to expose their palates to the finer tastes of life. These tours will not only educate you on the wine-making process but also offer a refreshing perspective on city life. But most of all, it’s your ticket to get drunk in the middle of the day! What’s more daring than that?

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But you can only enjoy these experiences when you’re free to embrace all that they have to offer, which means you’re not carrying your bags everywhere you go. 

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