DAWS: The New Vacation 



Isn’t walking barefoot the best feeling ever? Don’t we’ll always wish for walking barefoot? With DAWS you can walk barefoot without getting your feet hurt from the dust, dirt and solid particles. DAWS is a waterproof rubber sole that sticks to your feet while covering and protecting the bottom of your feet. This way, you are not wearing any shoes or slippers, just a sole underneath your feet to protect them. 

DAWS opens the doors of exploration for you, you can go anywhere barefoot but while protecting your feet from substances that can hurt the bottom of your feet. There are shoes and foot accessories which are so expensive that a common man cannot afford even if he dreams of getting it. On the contrary, DAWS is a rubber sole which is affordable, comfortable, assured and guaranteed. Since it is affordable, any person can get it and explore the world barefoot as he dreamed of doing. 

DAWS is something that provides your freedom, it provides you freedom to walk anywhere you like, it allows you to go to places where you though it was impossible to go. 3

Some benefits of DAWS are as follow:

  • Comfort: 

Anything that you intend to wear must be comfortable, since DAWS is created with rubble sole with arch support, it becomes super comfortable. 

  • Practical design:

The design of DAWS has been created after a lot of research and development. It has a highly functional and optimal adhesive and rubber combination which keeps your feet protected. 

  • Overarching benefits: 

Just like a jogger or a running sneaker, this rubble sole has a bubble arch which is slip-resistant. It has the ability to absorb shocks while you run. 

  • Instant use:

Unlike other shoes which require time to put on, this shoe is super easy to put on. 4You might be thinking that you can use this sole only for walking but this rubber sole can be used for walking, running, climbing and even for riding a bike. You will feel more comfortable than you ever felt before. People think that flip-flops give you freedom, just as you get freedom while walking barefoot. However, flip-flops are more restrictive as compared to DAWS. DAWS is a more modern and convenient version of flip flops, it gives you more freedom and allows you to have a one of its kind experience. 

You can wear DAWS when you are taking your dog for a walk, jogging or running, climbing a hill, cycling, walking on the beach, hiking, jet skiing, hunting or any other place you are going to. DAWs gives you endless opportunities to move around barefoot. 

Every human gets tired of the same old routine, DAWS allows the humans to explore, go to places barefoot and just have a healthy change from the monotonous routine of life. Whether you are on an adventure of your own, whether you are going out to travel or whether you are an athlete, DAWS will provide you with various fun and unique exploration opportunities. You will certainly love the freedom that you will get with DAWS, without having to fear about your feet. 5
DAWS has its own conversion chart for both men and women, so whenever you are intending to go to the beach or climbing, get your hands on this rubber sole to have an experience that you never had before. Since it is affordable then you will be able to get it easily without spending a lot of money. 

People might think that they might end up hurting their feet but that is not true. DAWS keeps the feet protected at all times. It makes sure that no stones, sand, shells or other dirt particles harm your feet. Some people also think that they will not be comfortable in walking long distances with DAWS, but the people who have tried this rubber sole, they totally love it because its arch is designed just like a running sneaker which absorbs the shocks. This way, you can walk for longer distances very comfortably. Running and even climbing is no more a hassle with DAWS. 

We are super impressed by this product and we are sure that you will also be impressed by it. 

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