Discovering Verona Like Lever Before


Verona, Verona in Italian, is located in the region of Veneto, in a meander of the Adige and near Lake Garda, in the middle of the hills.It is about 120 km from Venice. With 260,000 inhabitants, it is the 12th largest city in Italy. She is known to be the city of Romeo and Juliet.

We can also visit the house of Juliet and his tomb! The city was possession of the Republic of Venice and therefore has architectural similarities with the city of the Doges.

Commercial city, its destiny was linked to that of Venice. Verona belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire from 1814 to 1866, five years after the reunification of Italy.

This visit is part of a road trip in northern Italy, from Genoa to verona city. Verona is a step that I liked! What to see, what to do, the mouse tells you everything.

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Verona was a step before going to Venice. We spent a few hours, the goal being to stroll in this beautiful city of art and discover its historic center. It is also one of the cities we have preferred on our course! Luckily the sun was with us that day. We were there on a Sunday in late April, so there was a crowd.

Many Italians more than foreign tourists

We took advantage of being by car to sleep at the Ibis hotel in the commercial area, for 50 € / night in a large room, quiet. We do not recommend the restaurant of the hotel, expensive and frozen dishes, but arriving late and in the rain, not the faith to go to town, which we did not know then.

At noon on the day of the visit, we found a little snack a little outside the old town, where we were parked (thankfully it’s free on Sunday).

A little before the entrance to the old town you can visit the so-called “Juliet’s Tomb” in the cloister of the S. Francesco al Corso church, but we did not want to spend our money for that.

  • We enter the center by the PortaNuova . We can still admire the remains of the ancient walls.
  • The CorsoPortaNuova leads directly to Piazza Bra , where stand the magnificent bullring.
  • From here you can either take the elegant Via Mazzini , a pretty shopping street, to reach the beautiful Piazza delleErbe , the beating heart of the old town.
  • Take the Via Roma towards the river to admire the Castelvecchio (ancient castle) and climb the Ponte Scaligero.
  • We first chose the second option, to get a nice view on the shore, before heading back to the center to Piazza delleErbe.

If you are looking for things to do in Verona and you are an art lover, the AchilleForti Modern Art Gallery welcomes you. This very recent establishment opened its doors in 2014. It admires collections both municipal and private. Among the artists whose works are exhibited are the painters Fattori, Hayez or Boccioni and the sculptor Rosso.

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