Document a Trip to Look Back and Share Experience


It’s lockdown time again and the only place you can travel now is the insides of your homes. The second wave of the coronavirus came just around the time when most of us were thinking of planning a trip after the first lockdown was eased a bit, many of you may have even done the booking of hotels and transport, but alas fate had something else stored for travel enthusiasts like us. Meanwhile, social media is blowing up with photos of our favorite celebrities enjoying vacations. It does ignite the urge to travel again, but for the safety of yourself and others, staying inside the area of your 4 walls is the best option for now. But even though, if you are confined in your house, it does not mean that you should stop the budding traveler inside you from growing. Instead, use this lockdown to gain more knowledge about places you want to visit. Traveling is fun and so is revisiting those old memories. Lockdown has given us the perfect opportunity to relax and refresh while looking back at what we have achieved so far. Turn your memories into something more and if you would like, even share it with others. Also check– Agriturismo San Gimignano

You can use this lockdown to finally document your previous travels. There are many ways you can do this. Start by putting photos and videos of a trip in one folder. Write about your travel, whatever you found interesting, describe the hotel room you stayed in, write about the new foods you tried, describe the people you met on this journey, etc. If you are interested in starting a blog related to traveling, there won’t be a better opportunity than this. Use all the experience to write travel-related blogs, give reviews about places you’ve visited, and even tell them what destination you are going to visit next. Even if you do not want to start a blog, document your travels for your personal use so that you know what to and what not to consider while planning a trip next time. If you are more into vlogging instead of blogging, you can edit all your travel footage and upload it on Youtube. The goal is to keep the stories of your travel preserved in one form or the other.

While it is natural to feel the need to travel when you are inside your home for more than a year, the worsening situation outside won’t allow us to do so. Many of us want to get our flight booking done and set off on a journey as soon as the lockdown is called off. Well, this time remember to document your journey and continue to do so for every journey. Don’t miss an opportunity to take a photo or a video, and to talk about your experiences more. There could be another lockdown like this anytime, so on your next journey, don’t forget to enjoy it to the fullest.

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