Going to the beach with your dog? Here’s what you should know


There’s nothing more exciting than an afternoon at the beach. You can bring your friends, bring a picnic and get stuck into an afternoon of fun. It’s not quite the same when you have your dog with you, though. There’s much less sunbathing and a lot more supervision required for a pet on the beach. Everything that can harm you on a beach can also be harmful to your dog, so vigilance and a watchful eye are both key.

The good news is that you can be prepared before you arrive at the beach, this means that any hazards like sunburn and jellyfish, giant waves and sharp stones and shells can all be accounted for before you get there. A day on the sand isn’t supposed to be anything less than fun, and it wears out your dog so that they can better enjoy the best dry puppy food UK has to offer afterwards! So, with all of this in mind, what should you do to have a happy, safe, and fun day at the beach with your dog?

Think Of Their Paws

When it’s hot, we wear sandals on the beach. Why? Hot sand. You’ll always catch people doing that weird little run to the seafront where they try not to touch the sand for too long. Well, your dog feels that, also. Protect their paw pads by applying dog shoes before you get on the sand. Ideally, you won’t be out in the extreme heat with your dog, anyway, but they can still rock a pair of puppy sandals!

Practice Their Swimming

Lots of dogs love to throw themselves into water and doggy paddle until their heart’s content. Well, you need to let them practice doing this before you let them run into the sea. Even the strongest of swimmers can become overwhelmed by the current, so let them have a run in the water on the lead if you’re worried, but also make sure that they can – and want to – swim.

Bring The Umbrella

While we humans like to toast ourselves under the rays of the sun, dogs can’t handle it. It’s their coat: it’s heavy enough and warm enough without the sun beating down on it for hours on end. The most playful pooch can become exhausted in the heat very quickly, so have either a large UV tent or an umbrella set up for some shade for your dog.

Fluids, Fluids, Fluids

Fresh water that you bring with you is the best thing that your dog can drink while they’re on the beach. It’s not the salt water that gives them hydration, so try not to let your dog go nuts with the sea water. As a treat, bring some fresh fruit juice along, or buy an ice lolly at the kiosk by the beach and add it to their bowl of water for a tasty treat.

A day at the beach should be fun and enjoyable, not filled with worries! Let your dog enjoy themselves in the sand and water, and it’ll be a day to remember.


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