Here Are Some Fun Facts About Steak


Dig into some juicy facts about your favorite steak pieces and get to know a lot more than the best cuts to eat and cooking techniques:

1) When translated, the word steak means ‘meat on a stick’. Well, we are sure that you never would’ve guessed that! The word comes from the Saxons who dealt with cattle rustling. The original term used was ‘steik’.

2) For best results and a better taste, you must always grill your steak. Not only does it allow the spices and condiments to fill in but also gives the meat a better over-all texture that is desirable to eat.

3) The secret to cooking a good steak is in handling it well. It is advised that you use tongs rather than forks for the steak because this way you can prevent the juices from leaking and thereby avoiding an unnecessary tear in the meat. This information comes handy if you plan on barbeque parties.

4) Everyone has a different texture preference when it comes to steak. Some like it rare while others take it well-done, and to get all these variations from the same meat there are different temperatures.

Rare: 125°F
Medium rare: 130°F
Medium: 145°F
Medium well done: 150°F
Well done: 160°F

So next time you can set the temperature accordingly to arrive at the right texture you seek.

5) Rump has good steak too! Often people ignore the meat at the rump which at times is more delicious than filet mignon. And it is way too affordable as you can buy thrice the meat quantity at the same price. So next time if you are planning to treat yourself on a tight budget you might as well go for these cuts.

6) There are about sixteen different primary cuts of steak. Right from the sirloin to the rib you can enjoy a number of cuts and meat options. There is something new to explore every time you visit Rib’N Reef, the options are endless.

7) Overcooked steak is bad for your health, not only does it make the meat quite hard that it becomes difficult to cut and chew but also creates the risk of prostate cancer in men. Therefore, it is always advisable that the steak be cooked well neither over and definitely not under.

In conclusion, there will always be a side to steak that you are yet to explore!


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