How to select an accommodation in Maldives?


The quality of facilities and lodging in Maldivian resorts varies tremendously, from budget and also incredibly typical lodging to the very best of all if you can manage to cover the nose to get this.

Your selection of hotel or guesthouse is absolutely crucial to getting the vacation you want, however, so take lots of time and consider up as many choices as you can before settling to your location or places that you choose to reserve. There are loads of variables you will need to take under account when choosing a hotel.

Best Bathrooms

It has furnished villas with huge outside baths, surrounded by lap pools and enjoying direct beach access.

Best Pool

Anantara Kihavah Villas Only our favorite pool in the nation, long enough for swimming lengths and enjoyable for children too.

Best Beach

Kanuhura The never-ending shore is unbeatable, and the hotel also owns a personal desert island for one to ship around for a picnic dinner.


Best Restaurant

Our favorite Six Senses restaurant is Leaf, where sublime Exotic cuisine is served at lunch and Mediterranean cuisine for dinner.


Every hotel cultivates a different atmosphere to interest its guests. Prior to selecting a hotel decide on the kind of vacation you need and the atmosphere conducive to supplying it. Honeymooners who are surrounded by package-tour classes and crying children can quickly come to regret their choice.

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Back into Nature

Maldives has assembled much of its tourism sector on the desert-island perfect: the dream of simplicity, tranquillity, sea and shore. Obviously, the simple fact that lots of areas also supply a butler, a gourmet restaurant and a fleet of employees that cater to your Christmas makes the entire experience somewhat more lavish than being a true castaway.

These hotels are inclined to be nicely designed, utilize imported forests and natural fibers and have little if any air away from the bedroom. The ease of these areas (even in top-end resorts( which admittedly add ultimate style and comfort to the combination ), and of course their peacefulness and relaxed sense, is what brings people.

 These No sneakers, no matter’ hotels are fantastic for a romantic break, a honeymoon or overall escape.

High Design

Few nations on earth have such a wealth of choice in the luxury market as Maldives. Most major luxury-hotel manufacturers have or expect to have a presence , and occasionally things can resemble a never-ending glossy travel magazine, attracting higher levels of relaxation and pampering.


Romance is big business in Maldives, where over a couple people are in their honeymoon, renewing their vows or simply getting an indulgent break. Almost anyplace is romantic. Nevertheless, the more funds the hotel, the more households and groups you will receive, and the closeness of this amorous experience could be diminished if it is peace, quiet and candlelit dinners you are after.

However, romance does not necessarily mean substantial price. It is difficult to think of anywhere more beautiful than small Makunudhoo Island, as an instance, where there is no TV or loud music, only gorgeously straightforward and conventional homes scattered along the shore, and vegetation thick with trees planted beyond honeymooners.

On the other hand, the maxim of having what you pay for remains true here the loveliest, most romantic hotels are normally not the less costly ones.


All hotels have their own diving school and each hotel has access to great diving. It is very tough to mention that one hotel has better diving than another, when actually most of the websites are shared.

You’ll find a similar scenario in and about Ari Atoll, in which the dip sites are exceptional, such as Kuramathi Island Resort and Ellaidhoo Maldives from Cinnamon. Most importantly, divers must go for hotels which are concentrated on diving, as costs will be reduced, and there’ll be more excitement for the action compared to elsewhere.


Ecotourism can thus often be a gimmick which it is important to understand who is serious and who is only hoping to entice a larger amount of traffic. Regardless of the lip service paid by several hotels, comparatively few have real ecotourism credentials.

Start looking for hotels offering educational programs, sustainable growth, environmentally friendly construction practices, minimal usage of air conditioning and power generally, plus a hotel ethos that fosters environmental awareness and maintenance (ie offering you not just Evian if you ask for water, but water that’s been desalinated onsite ).


There are now scores of those tiny resorts scattered around the nation, and also the experience offered here’s just one completely different to that found in hotels.

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