How To Travel & Date During Covid- 19 times?


Dating during the pre-coronavirus times was so easy. One could meet a date in a beautiful setup of a cafe, hold hands and take a stroll in the evening, or enjoy dinner with live music. Not many people relied on dating apps to find someone back then. But COVID-19 changed the whole concept of dating. Singles, who didn’t believe in dating apps, are now turning to dating apps in record numbers.

The social distancing mandates and lockdown in countries have restrained people from stepping out of their houses. Moreover, restaurants, cafes, and bars had to close down temporarily during the initial phases of lockdown. Dating apps have been the last choice for those who are looking for a partner in covid time. Virtual dating seemed to be the only option during social distancing.

However, as the countries around the world have started to ease lockdown restrictions, restaurants, cafes, and bars have started to re-open. There is still a social-distancing mandate to be followed everywhere. Therefore, dating can now be done both online and offline with adequate precautions. This post talks about how to date during coronavirus while maintaining social distancing and safety.

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Get to know each other on a dating app


Singles who are actively searching for people to date should try using dating apps to get to know the other person. Meeting your partners over a dating app is the best choice during quarantine. Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc can help you establish a better connection with the other person before you are comfortable with a video call.

Getting to know each other by messaging and video-chatting through a dating app will give you enough time to decide if you want to meet in person or not. Moreover, through dating apps, you don’t even have to reveal your personal number just in case you don’t wish to go ahead.

Weigh health risks before meeting in person


If you get to the stage where you do want to meet up in person, ensure that you weigh the health risks before deciding to meet up. Ensure that you exercise caution and also understand the other person’s quarantine situation.

Keep the communication clear regarding your preferences of wearing masks and maintain social distancing before and while you meet in person. Find out how that person has been interacting with others and the precautions the person has been taking for self-protection.

You can also mutually decide to quarantine for two weeks before meeting.If the other person and you are doing well in terms of health and are practising social distancing, you can consider scheduling an in-person meet at a safe place.

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