How You Can Buy a Property in Koh Samui


Buying a home is an important project. It is therefore advisable to choose a real estate professional specializing in the sector sought to build and realize this project more quickly. The real estate professional, specialist in his sector and current prices on the local market, will show you around and will be the ideal intermediary to buy a property at market prices. He also ensures compliance with regulations (compulsory certificates and diagnostics, etc.), the regularity of property titles, any easements, etc. You can also ask the real estate agency for advice on the financial arrangement of the project.

The Agreement Options

The sales agreement commits the seller to sell his property to a buyer, specifying the conditions of the sale. The signature of the compromise commits you to buy the property. At this stage, you will have to pay a deposit (security deposit). With Real Estate Koh Samui this is important.

  • Damages must be paid in the event of non-compliance with this commitment by one of the two parties. You can however define certain withdrawal clauses.
  • After the signing of the compromise, it will take approximately 3 months during which the notary assembles the sales file and that the loan offer, if necessary, is released. To do this, you must contact your bank or a mortgage broker who will prepare the loan file.
  • When all the administrative procedures have been completed, you can agree on a date for signing the deed at the notary. The signature of this act will make you officially become the owner of the property.

Many people dream of owning their apartment or house. If renting has its advantages, being a homeowner offers much more freedom: to undertake work, to benefit from a truly personal place or simply to make a financial investment. However, buying real estate remains an important step in a life and it is important not to be mistaken. First-time buyers are certainly the ones who have the most fear: the first real estate purchase is important, which is why it is imperative to choose well. To help you in your future real estate purchase, we suggest you discover our 7 tips for choosing your property in the best conditions.

Clearly Define Your Purchasing Project

First, it is important not to rush headlong into your real estate project. There is therefore no point in starting to search for property until you have clearly defined your purchasing plan.

So, the first piece of advice we can give you regarding the choice of your future real estate is to ask yourself the right questions, in many areas.

The criteria of the property

To start, you will need to ask yourself about the ideal property you are looking for. It is important to establish a list of criteria in order to refine and facilitate your future research.

It will thus be necessary to determine the minimum desired surface area, whether for the interior or the exterior. Ask yourself if you prefer to buy an apartment or rather a house depending on the geographic area chosen.

A purchase rather in the new or in the old?

If the old retains a unique charm, buying a new one can be much more profitable.

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