Island – The Littlest Island of Grenadines


Mayreau could be the tiniest island inside the Grenadines. It’s roughly one and half miles extended and occupies an entire land portion of just one.5 square miles. The resided on area of the Mayreau is within the Southwest hill top portion of Old Wall Village. This remote area is only able to be showed up at by boat. The region lies between its bigger neighbouring islands Canouan and Union islands. Since Mayreau does not have air strip, visitors have the area using a local internal flight from Canouan or Union island then possess a boat ride. Motorboats usually visit Saline Bay where there is a way connecting the village. The remote village in the Mayreau Island includes a few restaurants, bars plus a beautiful small stone church where visitors can take advantage of breathtaking views in the area.

The charming and scenic Tobago Cays islands can also be viewed within the church. Although small in proportions and less resided on Mayreau Island is known as a relaxing, peaceful plus a romantic getaway. It is also well-known due to its stunning stretch of beaches for instance Saltwhistle. Saltwhistle Bay around the northern tip of Mayreau has being best referred to as best beach in the island. It provides a horse shoe shape getting an amazing white-colored-colored sandy beach shaded having a row of palms. Further highlights of the region are the salt pond as well as other beaches for instance Windward, Upper bay and Saline. It’s recorded that in ancient occasions salt was harvested within the salt pond and exported to neighbouring countries.

However, the salt harvested here today may be used only by residents. To educate yourself regarding this small but attractive island, vacationers usually stays inside a well serviced Canouan Island Hotel. For example, vacationers can plan their stay at an extra Hotel in Canouan Island for instance Raffles Resort Canouan Island, the Grenadines .

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