Look into the Perfection in Wedding Limo


If you want to surprise your partner, secretly book their favorite car as a means of transport for the wedding party! Obviously the Oakville Wedding Limo is the right option there.

Wedding transport for your guests

You are not necessarily responsible for the wedding transportation of all guests. Still, it’s a nice gesture, especially if you take care of the transportation of your bridesmaids, groomsmen, acquaintances who have traveled a long way and friends from other cities. This enables them to celebrate carefree so that they don’t have to think about how to get to the next place. If you are not going to the ceremony with them, organize their own vehicle. Guests who have traveled from other cities or countries would be particularly grateful for your help in making sure that they get safely to the ceremony or after the celebration. One solution, for example, would be to arrange a bus to take a large number of your guests from A to B.

Book Early

You should choose a car rental company early enough and reserve your dream vehicles as soon as you have made your decisions about the wedding date, the location for your ceremony and wedding celebration and the size of the wedding. If you get married in the popular months like July to August, you have to expect high demand for wedding transport and book even earlier. We recommend that you book your means of transport 5–6 months before your wedding date so that you can secure your dream vehicle for your wedding day. After you have researched the selected company on the Internet and had contact with them by phone, you should have the reservation contractually secured; also clarify the insurance and cancellation fees.

When you book your hotel for your wedding guests, ask whether (free) transport options are available for wedding guests. It is also advisable to prepare a list of taxi numbers in case one or the other guest wants to go home earlier.

Be Picky

Wedding transportation should include some luxury. Don’t be afraid to make special requests such as air conditioning, a specific music playlist or a specific dress code for the driver. Ask the car rental company for these details and add them to the contract before you sign it. If you still want to decorate your vehicle with flowers, you should clarify this with your car rental company. An alternative is to decorate your own car according to your own ideas and ideas.

Signing a Contract

When all points have been clarified, everything should be recorded in a written contract. This should include the entire spectrum of the service such as total price, deposit, reimbursement, arrival and departure times, addresses of the locations, tips, car models and their size and color, time of collection, number of hours, name of the driver and additional requests. Read the document carefully and check that every detail is listed and correctly described. Also make sure that your driver is licensed and insured.

Either you book your vehicles for a whole day or just for a certain time. Many car rental companies fix the price according to the number of hours and kilometers. However, this option could cause some time pressure and stress which you really don’t need that day.

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