Nazca Lines Amazing Aerial Photos 



In Peru there is one of the most mysterious Tourist Destinations in the World. There are many factors that make this place very attractive and today we are going to review each of the aspects that give so much relevance to the Nazca Lines.

In addition, to understand we will see a gallery of the Photos taken on the Nazca Lines, from the AeroNasca Airplane, the airline that will be dedicated to make the Nazca Lines Flights.

The Lines are never deleted!

Miles of years have passed since the creation of the Geoglyphs and they have never been erased. Many attribute this to Nazca is a desert area and it is always sunny.

But, they have undergone many climatic changes during the years, storms in which it has rained in immense quantities, extremely strong winds and still, there they remain intact.

The only disappearance of the Nazca Lines, of which there is a record; It is when the construction of the South Pan-American Highway destroyed the tail of the “Lizard” one of the most enigmatic figures. In the gallery you can see the image.

It is not really known who created them

Historians, archaeologists and scientists have tried to share an exact theory of the origin of the Nazca Lines, but they have become a complex task.

Some theories give credits to Human Beings, protocols in logic and common sense, that no one else on earth could have made the figures.

Specifically, the creation of the Lines is attributed to the Nazca Culture, who were the first residents of the area and the reason that they have drawn these drawings in the desert, was to make rituals to their gods.

Other theories with a little more imagination, grant the creation to the Extraterrestrials. Justifying the fact that it was impossible for human beings to create these designs from a horizontal plane, without having a very high vertical vision, to be guided.

And by that time it was impossible to reach the heights estimated to be guided and perfectly create the designs.

This theory makes sense, because currently the figures can only be observed well, performing the Nazca Lines Flight, offered by


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