Schumacher Cargo Logistics


When it comes to moving overseas, you have to make a lot of arrangements. One of the biggest headaches you have to deal with is moving your belongings. But you can ease yourself when you have the right shipping overseas services to help you out. Speaking of which Schumacher Cargo Logistics is one of the best international moving service providers out there. They can help you ship all your household goods and furniture with ease. They are an accredited international moving company which makes them more preferable by the customers.

The company first started operating in 1977. Since then they have been providing quality and trusted international moving services to people. Their services expand to various destinations in the world from the USA. They are operating in this field for over 40 years now. This has helped them gain sufficient knowledge about transporting items from one country to another. They can help you move your belongings to any part of the world hassle-free.

Why should you choose them?

Moving your household belongings and other important stuff to a different country is not an easy task. You need the aid of a trusted and reliable international shipping company that can get the work done for you. In this case, you cannot get anyone better than Schumacher Cargo Logistics. They move over 10,000 households to over 80 different destinations annually. Their services reach as far as Germany, Australia, Europe, the UK and many more.

They have their offices located all over the USA. No matter which part of the USA you are from you can still avail of their services. They promise to ship your belongings to any worldwide destination you want.

The best thing about them is that they are 24/7 online. For any query or emergency, you can call their customer support line for help. Their services include online tracking, packing and wrapping and shipping them overseas.

  • They offer door to door international shipping rates.
  • They accredited by IAM, FIDI, AMSA, and FAIM.
  • They have various plans to suit your budget.
  • They have more than 40 years of experience.

So if you are planning to move to some other country then you already know who to call for help.


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