Six Pizza Topping Combinations you can Try for your Next Pizza Delivery


Even the classic cheese pizza is already mouth-watering on its own. However, you can take your pizza experience a step further, you must experiment with various topping combinations. Whether you want to make pizza yourself of call up for Double Pizza Montreal delivery, the right combination of toppings will satisfy your cravings. To revolutionise your pizza order, below are some pizza topping combinations you can try:

Apple and Pear

Sure, pineapple is a popular choice of fruit for pizzas; however, roasted pear and apple slices can also bring a pleasant sweet, juice flavour to your pie. With this combination, you will often want to play up the creamy factor to match the sweet and earthier flavour offered by the fruits. This means opting for a white sauce as a base rather than the traditional marinara. Also, you must be wise with your choice of cheese. 

Barbecue Sauce and Chicken

Swapping tomato sauce for barbecue sauce offers a delicious barbecue chicken pizza. The toppings provide a new way of experiencing your favourite summertime food. The combination is an easy way to recreate a favourite food on top of a pizza. The sweet and tangy flavour of BBQ sauce combined with chicken will make you feel satiated. 

Black Olive and Pineapple

This topping combination is perfect for vegetarians, offering them a combination of sweet and savory. Both toppings make any pizza attractive but the taste is simply irresistible. 

Kale, Sausage, and Ricotta Cheese

This topping combination is a healthy option that particularly benefits those who are country their caloric intake. Whether you prefer this yourself or order this from your favourite pizza joint, preparing it involves lightly steaming the kale and baking it on the pizza. As the pizza is baked, you will have crispy kale, which gives the meal an enjoyable texture combination. 

Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushroom, and Meatballs

This pizza is for meat lovers because it holds the most toppings on a pie. This pizza needs a thick crust to hold onto the toppings. In terms of baking this type of pie, grease and moisture are a concern. This means tabbing the pie before topping and baking to create vent holes. The toppings are cooked before topping the pizza to prevent a saggy-bottomed crust. 

Canadian Bacon and Pineapple

With this option, the saltiness of the meat is counteracted by the pineapple’s sweetness, creating the perfect combination. To come up with another version, you can try traditional bacon instead of Canadian bacon. 

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