Snir Hananya – Things You Must Avoid Doing When Traveling


Nowadays, when everyone’s life is busy with work and other hectic routines, traveling is nothing less than a blessing. As you are currently reading this, then it means you have also been blessed and now you are planning to take a trip. I must say that you have done the right thing gathering information before you packed your bags and set out on the journey. 

There are so many things that you must learn and be aware of before you start traveling. Snir Hananya, a professional traveler has shared his experiences and the things that you must avoid or don’t do at all while traveling. So let me lay out some of the things that you must not do when traveling.

Avoid Exchange Money at the Airport Forex Offices

As per Snir Hananya’s observation, most of the time, when people travel and land at their destination, the first thing they do is exchange money. They want to convert their money into the local currency so they can start spending it for traveling and to cover hotel expenses. 

However, the forex rates at the airport forex offices are very cruel. There are high chances that you may get very less money from the airport-based forex office than the one based in the city. Therefore, get money exchanged before you even set out on the journey. 

If you can’t do it at your local place, then try and get to the nearest forex centers based in the city you have traveled to. From there, you can convert your money to local currency, and you’ll be surprised to see how much you would get there. 

Avoid Having Food at Restaurants Close to Famous Places

If you are traveling to a country with different cultures and traditions, then you must do it the right way. There is no point in traveling to Egypt and having noodles there from a big restaurant. Instead, go to the local shops where you can get a variety of the local foods and dishes. 

If you go to a restaurant close to famous places, then you may end up paying so much for the food there. Surprisingly, the food wouldn’t even taste so much as compared to a local shop serving the same dish.

You can ask the locals for advice and let them propose eating spots. They may know the places since their childhood and may get you exactly what you may be looking for.

The Locals Know Better

According to Snir Hananya, he has encountered many travelers who thought they knew everything about the places they were traveling to, and then they were lost. What you see on the internet at one moment can change the very next second in reality but you may not realize it. 

You may read that a place is best to experience in the winter season but the internet may not tell you everything. It may fail to notify you that the particular place is closed due to land sliding or due to other natural disasters. 

This is the reason why it is always important to know the basics and then let the rest up to the locals. Never feel full of yourself when it comes to knowing about places in other countries. Ask the locals and they will tell you so much that you wouldn’t even have heard about the particular places. 

Do Learn about Sign Languages 

Remember, sign languages vary from one country to another. Even two different areas within the same county can have different sign languages. Therefore, it is important that you must be aware of the sign languages of the places you travel to. If you end up making a sign that is normal in your country but the locals there find it offensive, you may get in trouble. This is the reason why it is very important that you must pay attention to these things as they can go a long way when traveling. 

Ending Thoughts

Traveling may not be sounding much easier now but if you make up your mind about following the guidelines, your traveling may become even more adventurous. You may end up saving so much money and even get to try so many delicious dishes that are worth the effort.

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