The Top 3 reasons which make CN Tower so special to visit


Visiting CN Tower is not like any other wonder of the world. Since, when it comes to the CN Tower, everything around it becomes beautiful. One of the tallest towers in the world, its height is appreciated as well as the architecture behind it. The main reason to visit CN Tower is to have a view around the surroundings and with a good eye, the view of the world from above. Canada Lands Company is constantly striving for innovative ways to share the CN Tower with visitors from across Canada and beyond. As nostalgic as it can get, you can gaze for days the true beauty of Canada from this height and would even never like to leave the place. This may be one but here are the top 3 reasons which make CN Tower so special to visit.

The brilliant 360 Restaurant:

Food may be a treasure for everyone, but it isn’t a classic unless and until you come to 340 restaurants in the CN Tower and has its true world-class food. As the 360 in CN Tower is one of Toronto’s finest restaurants and it features a great variety of truly unforgettable food combined with a brilliant revolving view of Toronto more than 351m of view around. It offers top-class market-fresh cuisine out of the fire, with regional ingredients, spices and class-leading tastes to easily burn your taste buds to their roots. One way or the other, you have to visit CN tower’s 360 restaurant which still stands out as one of the top reasons to visit, CN Tower, at least for food lovers.

The brilliance of Night Lighting:

Everything seems fine and good in the morning, the natural beauty of the CN Tower that was constructed years ago. When it comes to the evening part, your glance of it is going to completely change forever. It features a new grade of the lighting system which is actually designed in a way to architecturally enhance CN Tower structure from the bottom to the top. It honors the legacy of national icon and landmark for providing elegant nighttime illumination. During December, the internal colors get to red and green during a night visit. But again on December 21, the tower will appear of blue and white color lights to celebrate the first day of winter. Such elegance of seasonal representation with lights on the tower is nothing compared to anything that you will find in Canada.

The great glass floors to walk on:

Another big reason to visit Toronto Tower and remembers its beauty and astonishing architecture is the glass floors, which are though strong but you surely feel your knees to walk on. You can have a look at Toronto outside of the glass floors, even beneath. The architecture experts even mentioned that there is nothing to be worried about walking on the floors; they are way forward to crack and break. A feeling of walking in heaven, CN Tower also makes this wish for you to come true. This also stands out as another reason which makes CN Tower so much special to visit and remember it for the rest of your life.

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