Things to do in Lonavala during Monsoon


Monsoon in the Sahyadris is a delightful experience, and this has been concluded by every tourist who has had the fortune of experiencing the same. Lush greenery which engulfs the valley is bound to pique your intrigue if serenity is all you are looking for. Thus, Lonavala in Maharashtra offers the most sought after experience of absorbing the quaint pitter-patter of rain, with a warm cup of coffee to compliment the ambience.

Tourists from other states, countries, as well as from Maharashtra itself, have simply loved Lonavala, and the valley during monsoon is no less than a paradise, catering to one’s desire for an aesthetic and comfortable getaway.

Monsoons in Lonavala is an experience in itself, which I got to cherish a few years back. The first thing I did, was got a room booked for myself at a comfortable accommodation out of all the Lonavala hotels available, by visiting Then went forward planning out the rest of the trip. Without much ado, let’s delve into the activities to engage when in Lonavala during monsoon.

Went for refreshments at Bhushi Dam

A spot of interest for photographers and nature enthusiasts from far and wide, Bhushi Dam is built on the Indrayani River and is a sight to behold during the rainy season. Gushing water on the rocky terrain of the dam has been attracting visitors of all age groups, and thus, one can find a number of tiny snack-kiosks operating near the dam to cater to the gastronomic interests of the visitors. Needless to say, there’s definitely nothing better than a plate of hot pakoras to adorn the wholesome feeling of the splashes of rain.

Experienced the splendour of Tiger’s Leap

Popular for its breathtaking view of the Western Ghats, Tiger’s Leap is a perfect spot to spend time amidst lush wilderness, while treating your eyes simultaneously. You can spend as much time as you want, to live this experience because the place is open throughout the day. While a splendid view of the mountains is what Tiger’s Leap has to primarily offer, the spectacular sights of sunrise as well as sunset act as compliments to this widely visited spot.

Visitd the Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort is located between Lonavala and Khandala, and is a quaint place to spend time with your family and loved ones. Most of the fort ruins are now covered in greenery, which radiates a dazzling brilliance post a shower. The fort complex is divided into two sections- the Shrivardhan Peak, and the Manoranjan Peak. Getting to experience a beautiful green and moist the landscape is downright therapeutic to man’s senses, and a visit to Rajmachi Fort during the monsoon ensures the same.

Went to Kune Falls for rejuvenation

There’s nothing better to do in monsoon than to visit a waterfall and witness its gurgling waters hurling down upon the rocks, while the natural beauty surrounding it raises the notch a degree higher. Kune Falls serves just this and a lot more for a perfect day out in the rainy season. Located near Khandala, this waterfall is definitely something you’d not want to miss when in Lonavala. It is a popular favourite to enjoy hot piping noodles while listening to the gushing waters of the falls.

Participated in a bonfire

This is an activity that most of the Lonavala hotels and resorts offer as a complimentary treat for their guests. Rains often result in cool weather and provided the hilly terrain of Lonavala, there could be nothing more soothing and comfortable than a sparkling bonfire, some impromptu music, snacks and coffee. Monsoons at Lonavala are incomplete without experiencing a night around a bonfire, along with your loved ones, or even when you’re a solo traveller.

Unwinded at the Tungarli Lake

Tungarli Lake caters to the interests of the peace seekers, for it is a quiet soulful spot in Lonavala. Budding and professional photographers resort to this spot for their aesthetics. Tungarli Lake not only attracts nature enthusiasts but also several other tourists and even natives of Lonavala. The facilities provided for trekking and hiking have also contributed to the title of this place as one of the must-visits when in Lonavala, during the rainy season.

Rainy season and Lonavala is the best combination that you can indulge in. Make sure to plan a trip with your loved ones to get the most out of the entire trip. If you have a special interest in  photography do not forget to take your camera along.

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