Top 5 places for the nature lovers to visit in Huntsville


Out of nowhere, Nature lovers find their spot of love in the wild. The ultimate wild of greenery is not enough, so they go for hills, lakes and open fields. Two things to question, Are you a nature lover? And seeking for a good location to visit around the globe? If so, we have a short answer of a spot and that’s Huntsville. Search it, get a view, and book your tickets to the place. As no other place on earth will give you the same nostalgia like this. Gerry Forestell is a long-time resident of Huntsville and an avid outdoor enthusiast. In his spare time, Dr. Gerald Forestell Huntsville enjoys being outdoors whether it’s growing his garden, biking, skiing or paddling. Well, to your surprise, here are Top 5 places for the nature lovers to visit in Huntsville. 

Harmony Safari Park, or the place of Harmony:

True harmony lies in a place where you can enjoy the peace and silence of nature, rather than its beauty. Specific for some nature lovers, Safari Park has incredible collections of wild animals from snakes to alligators, monkeys to prairie dogs, and if there is anything that you can be terrified off. But for nature, abandon these. Go to Huntsville and get your dose of wildlife experiences. 

The great Land Trust of North Alabama:

A specific location of water-hillside-rocks with open area beauty, probably profitable if you can take your camera there. Since those scenes are one time, they change with periods bringing in new experiences not to what you saw last time. IF you are a lover of moving water, high tree birds making their notes and noises, and rarely a book reader, you just found yourself the best place on earth. For cheap, if that lucky. 

Hays Nature preserve, or your place of the ancient world:

From forests to huge deadly lakes, animals, and human resources for enjoying the environment better, Hays Nature preserve is your ideal spot. Ponds here are the best fit for fishing, but you wouldn’t want to do that since finding your way out of the beauty of the tress isn’t to end. Natural preserves are pure nature spots without human habitats to that level and this is what makes the best of all spots. 

Another mountain spot or the Wade Mountain Nature preserve:

OF all-natural parks in Huntsville and even mountains, this location is best during the springtime and in autumn. The beauty of leaves, the density of trees and they’re beautiful visual will easily make you fall in love more with it. Aside, hills have rocks and that brings your journey to climbing if you can take that risk.

The brilliant Madison County Nature Trail-Green Mountain:

The Green Mountains are incomplete without lakes and lakes are so without long-distance hills making their reflections in it. This is a natural pair of nature’s bond between nonliving creatures and if you are a true lover of nature, you can feel it. You will feel their love for each other and want to get lost in it. Such beautiful visuals are only possible if you are in Huntsville and at the Madison County Nature Mountain. Don’t dare to miss it at all costs.

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