Travel Tips and Guides to Visit Bali for Beginners


Lots of tourists want free time on vacation to the island of Bali. But they are still confused about how to get to bali indonesia. In addition, most people think holidays in Bali are expensive.

But traveling to Bali is quite affordable, especially for backpackers. You can save money when on vacation in Bali, even the first time when you don’t know the costs and location.

Travel and Vacation Guide to Bali for Beginners

You can do many ways to anticipate a vacation with a low budget and an easy way. So you don’t have to wonder, can us citizens travel to bali now? Of course, you can go to the island of Bali whenever you can.

Here are tips and guides for beginners who want to travel and spend their vacations in Bali:

1. Visit During Low Season

When you want a quiet and refreshing vacation to the island of Bali, it’s a good idea to come there during the low season. Don’t go during the weekend or the high season because the prices will be higher when it’s school holiday or national holidays. In addition to prices that have doubled from regular days, Bali will also be more crowded so that your vacation becomes less comfortable. Almost every tourist spot is busy with visitors, both local and foreign tourists.

2. Booking Lodging and Tickets in Advance

Another way to have a vacation to Bali with a minimal budget for beginners is to order plane tickets and lodging in advance. Get information as often as possible for plane tickets and also cheap lodging. Airfare prices usually change every day, based on the airline. While lodging will be cheap or expensive depending on the hotel’s policy. Also, make sure you complete the application so you can get cheap tickets and lodging prices.

3. Choose Cheap Tourist Places in Bali

The island of Bali has many choices of tourist attractions so you can choose a cheap place for the entrance fee. Many tourist attractions are free of charge. Free tourist attractions in Bali include Kuta Beach, Kelan Beach, Nusa Dua Waterblow, and Marigold Flower Field. 

In addition to free tourist attractions, many other cheap attractions are also affordable for everyone. Just choose a popular and common tourist location first if it’s your first time coming to the island of Bali.

Also, make sure you choose a cheap place to eat because many street food stalls are clean, taste good, and have low prices.

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