Visiting Disney Springs – Know About What Not To Miss When You Are There


Orlando is a place for many fun activities. With more than 150 restaurants, fun activity options, and retailers, Disney Springs is one of the most preferred places to visit in Orlando. Apart from tasting the dishes at the restaurants, there are many fun activities for you here. 

What to do when in Disney World Resort 

Here are some of the things to do in Disney Springs. Missing them will surely make you miss many fun activities when in the place.  

  • Meet Celebrity Chefs 

Orlando is just like a magnet that attracts chefs from all around the globe. When in Disney Springs, you can enjoy meeting the Homecomin’ Florida Kitchen star Art Smith, Morimoto Asia star Masaharu Morimoto, Planet Hollywood sandwich and burger, and even all-new Chicken Guy Fieri, and many more such celebrity chefs. 

  • The Coca-Cola Store 

Are you a fan of cola? If yes, then you should not miss visiting the coca-cola store. You will get to taste many beverages that are made with Coca-Cola. You should not miss tasting the 5 different drinks that are made with Coca-Cola as the main ingredient. 

  • Shop the One-of-a-kind Gems from the World-Famous Retailers 

Disney Springs is best known to have one-of-a-kind gems belonging to many famous retailers around the globe. More than 100 retailer shops are found in Disney Springs. Enjoy shopping for clothing, accessories, toys, art, and many more at the Star Wars Galactic and Trading Post. 

  • Fly 400 feet High in Helium Balloon 

Let the flying spirit in you take over and enjoy flying 400 feet high from the ground level in a helium balloon. The best part of choosing this fun time is that you can choose the Groupon of the tickets that are filled with Disney characters of your interest. Each ride can take up to 29 guests and you can enjoy a wonderful time with your fellow balloon riders. 

  • Something New All the Time 

Disney Springs offers something new for all visitors. It can be either an acrobatic show or a live NBA experience. You are in for a surprise because the events hardly repeat in Disney Springs. 

  • Enjoy Your Dessert 

Dessert shops are a highlight in Disney Springs. You have so many desserts to try and decide what you liked the best. It can be cupcakes, pastries, and other such sweet treats, but every bite will surely take you to another world. 

  • Visit the Themed Restaurants 

Search for the popular restaurants in Orlando Florida and enjoy themed dishes. Each bar and restaurant are designed with many themes such as T-Rex, Indiana Jones films, marvel movies themes, and so on. It is just like attending a dress-up party. 

  • Enjoy Bowling at Splitsville 

The luxury lanes in Splitsville will surely offer a different vibe for enjoying some bowling time. The sushi bars and the two-floor gourmet food options will make each minute spent here a memorable one for you and your dear ones. 

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