What Are Some Must Do Things In New York Which Should Not Be Missed


A fascinating history, multiple skyscrapers, bustling shops, great nightlife; a few major things that New York is known for. It is also the immigration gateway to the United States. But many miss noticing that it is also manufacturing, transportation, financial and cultural center. For travellers, New York has many things to offer.

There are many featured things to do in New York that a travellers should not miss. At least covering few of them is essential.

  1. Empire State Building: It is featured in numerous blockbuster movies. It is indeed a significant experience to see this place with one’s own eyes. From the top of it, the city looks grand. The lift that takes a visitor to the top of the building is another experience that can’t be missed.
  2. Ferry To Staten Island: This is one of the finest boats – rides across the globe. While leaving Manhattan, a traveller will overcome by Statue of Liberty, which is an iconic statue in America. The bridge of Varrazono can be gazed from the boat, while Staten Island in itself is a fine place to escape from bustling New York City and relax.
  3. Statue of Liberty: Located at Ellis Island, it represents freedom. It was a prestigious gift to America from France. The island is accessible by regular ferry rides. While, once on the island, there are guided tours for people that explains the history behind this iconic statue.
  4. Metropolitan Museum of Art: It has more than 2 million artwork from different artists from different countries. A collection of unique medieval art is present in this museum as well, which must be seen.
  5. Central Park: Another landmark of New York, the Central Park which has been featured in many movies. It has a rectangular area of 843 acres that has a variety of recreational opportunities. A lot of bikers, nature lovers and joggers come to the park every day as this place is an escape from the busy city life.

Other than the above, New York has a plethora of night clubs and specialty restaurants to try authentic cuisines of different countries; which is not available elsewhere. New York is also known for its shopping diversity and many choices. One must explore this fabulous place as much as he/she can when visiting. Making the most of their time is advised while relaxing at the right places will enhance the experience.



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