What to Consider When Budgeting for a Wedding in Bali 


Weddings can be costly, especially if you plan to have yours overseas. How can you enjoy your destination wedding in Bali without compromising your budget? These tips will come in handy. 

Consider an All-inclusive Wedding Package 

Buying all-inclusive Bali wedding packages allow you to enjoy a wide variety of services. These include decor, venue fee, and priest fee. The only downside to these packages is that they can be rigid. Sometimes you may have little control over what is or not included in the budget. 

You may want to compare different options because some vendors include more services wedding in germany in their packages than others. For example, some packages may include wedding photography services, while others may not. 

Prioritize Your Budget  

Discuss how much money you want to spend as a couple. after defining the budget, you want to decide where you will source the money from. Discuss the must-have things and do not compromise on quality. 

Remember, you are planning for your big day that only happens once. You want everything to flow smoothly without having to regret skipping some of the most critical things. Avoid spending money on minor things that you can easily overlook. Instead, invest in having and giving guests the best experience.

Present your budget to your wedding planner and ask them to recommend the best event while sticking to the budget. An experienced wedding planner will work within your budget to give you an unforgettable event.  

Determine the Ideal Method of Paying Overseas and Understand Your Taxes 

Research is critical, especially if you are planning a wedding from overseas. Find out how you can get the best value for your money when paying for services from abroad. You can opt for credit cards that give you perks or cash backs for spending money from another country. Understand local taxes and fees when allocating money for your wedding event. For example, you will need to pay Banjar fees for your wedding venue in Bali.  

Draft Your Guest List 

Take time when planning your guest list. You may want to include every close family member or friend on your list. However, you also want to ensure that your guest list does not surpass your budget. Evaluate your list regularly to ensure you have included the most important individuals in your life.  

Pick Your Wedding Month 

Bali rains regularly, and many couples will want to get married during the dry season that falls between April and October. You may want to avoid this season as it coincides with the school holiday. Apart from an increase in prices, many tourists will be visiting the city. If you are working on a budget, opt for the less busy months with less likelihood of rain. 

Your wedding planner should help you choose an ideal month. What’s more, they can also include rain friendly materials and decor to prepare and protect you from sudden rains. If you love adventure, then rains on your wedding day should not bother you.  

Embrace Local Products 

Sourcing local flowers, wines, and food can help you save lots of money on your Balinese wedding. Engage local vendors that can source local products for your event. Your wedding planner should be in a better position to help you here. 

Remember, one of the reasons why people travel is to sample the local cuisine and other locally made items. Your guests will be excited to enjoy a piece of the local food at your wedding.  


Include a miscellaneous amount in your budget to account for unexpected expenses. Start planning early and work together with your wedding planner. Doing so gives you ample time to analyze your budget and eliminate unnecessary items. 


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