What to plan before Participation in the Mountain climbing in Japan?


When participating in the mountain climbing race, it is a good idea to participate in advance practice sessions and consider your own pace distribution. It is recommended that you join the tour for the first time, with a practice session option.

Participation in the Mountaineering practice session

There are many travel agencies planning tours for practice sessions, and it is possible to participate while taking care of the physical condition on a schedule with plenty of time in mind on the day of the tournament.

In such practice sessions, you can perform simulations. While spending the same day although the organizations to organize are different, it is very effective as a practice exercise for the day of the Mountain climbing in Japan, so if you want to aim for a better time or complete the run, participate in the mountain climbing I think it’s also good to taste the atmosphere of the race.

The altitude difference also becomes intense, so you can learn how to manage your physical condition with the practice session. Since it is possible to study to maintain a better physical condition on the day, even beginners often want to participate in such training sessions.

How to practice mountain climbing in Iizuna Kogen

  • It is important to practice well before you finish the mountain climbing race or aim for a better time.
  • Although there are practice sessions, it is often difficult to participate frequently due to schedule and cost issues.
  • Mountain climbing practice sessions are not always available. Therefore, it is important to take countermeasures in a way that you can do yourself.
  • Lizuna Kogen climbing is going up the hill, so I think it is good to consider a better way to climb.

The ease of climbing varies from person to person, and it is also necessary to plan ways to climb depending on the degree of fatigue. I think it’s a good idea to try it uphill in the neighborhood, such as adjusting the stride or devising how to walk.

Also, when practicing, it is also important to try to imagine the day, such as shoes and wear. It is also important to consider clothes and equipment So that you can do it without difficulty on the day of the climbing race.

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