Where to Go in Ubud Bali? Check Out the Recommendations Below!


where to go in ubud is quite a confusing question. How come? Because there are various kinds of tourist attractions that can be visited and it’s a shame to miss them. The beautiful rural nature with various instagrammable photo spots makes you feel like you are in a different world.

Well, in this article, we will focus on the Ubud area. So if you’re already planning a vacation with your loved ones, make sure you’ll visit one of the places below.

Recommended Tourist Places in Ubud Bali

Vacation is the most important moment because you can feel the natural scenery with freedom and visit exciting photo spots. You can fill feeds on Instagram with beautiful photos, right? Here are some tourist attractions in Ubud Bali that are recommended for you. 

1. Guwang Sukawati

Guwang Sukawati Ubud is a hidden instagramable place. Rivers with canyons in the form of rock, beautiful and colorful natural sculptures make anyone who comes here fall in love with them.

But to get to this place and get a nice photo spot requires extra effort. You don’t have to worry because you can hire a local guide who is happy to help you find these beautiful photo spots.

2. Tegenungan Waterfall

This waterfall is located about 30 km from Denpasar City. The water height reaches 15 meters with gorgeous natural scenery around. The water discharge is quite heavy and clear during the dry season, which is a pity to miss. Not to forget the various photo spots around it that are indeed instagramable. You can take photos underwater, of waterfall backgrounds and many others.

3. Vast Savanna Meadow

Savanna Bali Zoo is indeed the right choice if you want to take pictures in a large area with a background of grasslands and animals. In addition, you can also enjoy unique African dishes. There is a playground for children, so it is highly recommended for families.

4. Taman Saraswati Temple

Taman Saraswati Temple is located far from the crowds. It is located behind a tall building. This place is a kind of bridge that connects to the main temple, which is perfect for pre-wedding. The bridge is filled with beautiful lotus flowers and lotus trees along the way. It makes the atmosphere feel more calm and fantastic.

Ubud has many zen hideaway bali. So you shouldn’t wait any longer to explore these most beautiful places in Indonesia. Choose one of the places mentioned above as a start.

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