Why Soft Boards are your Best Surfing Options


Are you planning to start your surfing journey? Do you already have a fair amount of surfing experience under your belt? Whether you are a newbie or an experienced one, there are some things which you need to be aware of, in order to make your surfing experience more enjoyable, easy and thrilling. All the surfers should be using a soft surf board in their quiver. This types of boards offer you a wide range of versatility. Soft boards are even more important for the beginners, as they offer an extra layer of safety. Besides, when it comes to handing them, and balancing the boards on bouncy waves; things become more easier with these kinds of boards.

Few Facts about Soft Surf Boards

When it comes to the soft surf boards, they are available in a array of different shapes and size; which can range from 4’ to 12’. Tom Morey and Mike Doyle are said to be the inventors of soft surfboards. Over the years, these types of boards have become very popular and over a period of time, the quality has improved. If you are looking for a fun filled and safe surfing experience, in that case, the soft boards would be the best options for you.

Easy to Manage and Handle

Surfing can be more fun and enjoyable, when you have a board which can be adjusted and managed easily without worrying for it to get damaged. You can bang the board on your car or a wall, throw it on the ground and handle it in all sorts of reckless manner. The soft boards are made in a manner that they are capable of withstanding all kinds of pressure and rough handling. On the other hand, if you handled your surfboard, made of fibre glass, in the same manner, then it would be up for repairing in no time. Soft boards are soft, as the name suggests, light weighted and at the same time, are much more durable and long lasting.

Safety is a Major Issue

At time, you can get injured by your own surf board! This is certainly not what you expect, when you are out there to have some fun and enjoy yourself. You can severely injure your arms of shins when you are trying to tackle the waves or trying to get out of their way. With a soft surf board, especially if you are a beginner, you can eliminate the chances of you getting injured by your own surfboard. Besides, the fact that these surf boards are much lighter compared to the ones made of fibre glass, you can easily recover them, if they tumble over; which is likely to happen quite often; especially, when it comes to the beginners.

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