You will never regret if you hire a chauffeur service in Switzerland


Switzerland is one of the wealthiest and most developed countries in the world. It is famous for its mountains, watches, banks, cheese and chocolate. It lies at the crossroads of several countries from which it took their best features and blended them into one unique multinational compound.

The Swiss have French manners, German punctuality, and cook like Italians. You will hear four official languages being spoken in every corner – French, German, Italian and Romansh, along with the languages of its minorities and tourists. This is the country of peace, diversity and embracement.

Switzerland lies between the Jura Mountains in the northwest, the Swiss Alps in the south and the Swiss Plateau in the middle. The Alps make about 60% of the territory and are extremely popular with tourists. There are more than a hundred large lakes in the country and more than 3,000 km² of glaciers and firn.

Besides picturesque landscapes, there are medieval castles, museums, bridges and other intriguing works of architecture. It is home to many notable contributors to science, art, music and literature. Switzerland is the cradle of winter tourism and is still the number one country for winter vacation. Skiing, climbing, snowboarding, hiking, mount-biking, then sailing, swimming, windsurfing…this wonderful country can offer you everything you can imagine, and more.

Switzerland has some of the finest roads in the world. A period from June to September is the best for some scenic drive. The train is a popular means of transportation, but you have to plan your sightseeing and activities around its schedule. We recommend you to rent a limousine for the most outstanding journey around the country. You might think it is a waste of money, but believe us, it is so worth it.

Why hiring a chauffeur service in Switzerland is a good investment?

  1. Swiss private chauffeurs are well trained

To become a professional chauffeur, one must meet certain criteria. Some general requirements include the possession of a driver’s license and a clean driving and criminal records. Every serious limo service hires only professional drivers who underwent specific training courses and have obtained a special chauffeur’s license.

Because hundreds of tourist from all around the world enter the country daily, good command of English is required, along with the knowledge of the four official languages.

In Switzerland, there is also the Chauffeur Limousine Academy where limousine and VIP drivers get D1 certificate of professional competence for commercial road transport of passengers. A successfully completed driving test is recognized both in Switzerland and the European Union. There is an extensive list of knowledge and skills chauffeurs in Switzerland must gain and develop:

  • Defensive driving skills,
  • Local and EU traffic laws and road regulations,
  • Driver’s safety,
  • Overview of routes and traffic patterns,
  • Operating communication equipment,
  • Customer-service practices,
  • Operation of specific vehicles and fleet management,
  • Vehicle maintenance and care,
  • Limousine entrepreneurship,
  • Event and incentive organization,
  • Business and hotel training management, and so on.
  1. Professionalism as the main feature

At the moment when you are making a reservation, you also get to choose the vehicle that would suit your needs best. Your private chauffeur will be there to assist you at all times and to carry out the order to your requirements. He/She will wait for you at the airport, or any other starting point, in the dark spotless suit and white or black gloves, with a smile of warm welcome on their face.

They will assist you with your luggage, open the door for you and transport you safely and comfortably. Also, you can be sure to arrive everywhere on time, because chauffeur services in Switzerland are precise and punctual like a Swiss watch.

Benefits of the private car hire:

  • You are welcomed by a multilingual driver,
  • You get help with the luggage,
  • You are served cool drinks to make your trip pleasant,
  • You have privacy and discretion,
  • Your luggage and documents remain safe in the limousine,
  • You can make confidential phone calls,
  • You can prepare important appointments during the limousine journey,
  • You don’t have to worry about the traffic,
  • You don’t have to worry about finding the parking spot,
  • You gain valuable time by travelling at the same time,
  • You make an excellent impression.
  1. You can hire a private chauffeur service in Switzerland for any occasion

Switzerland is the biggest financial centre in Europe and there is a great frequency of business travels and appointments all around the country. This is where hiring a chauffeur service comes in handy and looks very professional. But of course, there are other occasions for which people rent limousines, like weddings, birthday parties, proms, bachelor/bachelorette parties and other special life events. However, there is a rise in demands for limo services as ski transfers, shuttle services for corporate events and for sightseeing tours.

This is especially convenient for groups of people travelling together or for families with children.

Limo transfers for corporate events are great because you can arrange the pick-up of all participants at their homes and be sure to begin right on time. If it is some sort of celebratory event, everybody can relax and enjoy the party with a couple of drinks without having to worry about driving back home. For family vacations, the limo company can provide you with children seats. Some can even provide transportation for pets, which is very thoughtful of them.

If you are going to visit Switzerland soon, make a map of all the landmarks you want to see. Switzerland is a small country indeed, but there is a lot to see and do, so a thorough plan with all the places to visit might be helpful. Send your itinerary to the chauffeur service in Switzerland you are about to hire, bring your camera and a cheerful spirit, and let your journey begin.