4 Popular and Interesting Destinations in Bogor to Explore


Located 60 kilometers from Jakarta, Bogor is one of the most attractive cities for tourists, mainly because of its location close to the capital. Bogor tour are often the choice of Jakarta residents when they want a vacation in a natural atmosphere they cannot find in the capital.

Thousands of local and international tourists even flock to this city yearly. Bogor has cooler temperatures than many other places in Indonesia, which is one reason why many people want to visit it. What destinations can be explored in Bogor?

Popular Destinations in Bogor

1. Mount Pancar

Were you looking for stunning natural scenery in Bogor? You can visit the natural attractions of Mount Pancar. This tourist spot is exotic, with a view of a very high pine forest with leaves lined up, so the place is shady, comfortable, and calm.

Usually, tourists who come to Mount Pancar choose this destination as a place to take pre-wedding, commercial photos, and others. The rows of pine trees on Mount Pancar are perfect if used as a nature-themed photo background. This place is located 800 meters above the sea, making it comfortable and calm. 

2. Indonesian Safari Park (Taman Safari Indonesia)

Tourists in Bogor seem to remember the Indonesian Safari Park as an icon of Bogor tourism. This park is a tourist attraction that should be noticed indeed. Anyone who visits can bring their family and friends to see the various animals available.

Taman Safari Indonesia is also often used as a place of education, mainly to introduce animals. In addition, several rides and play areas are also provided so that tourists do not get bored at the Safari Park. 

3. Bogor Botanical Gardens

The Bogor Botanical Gardens was initially established as a private garden for the Governor General’s private residence in 1811. But then this 57-hectare Botanical Garden became a tourist spot and is considered the oldest botanical garden in Southeast Asia.

In addition to lush greenery and various types of birds, the Bogor Botanical Gardens also has facilities such as cafes, plant and souvenir shops, museums, laboratories, and lodging. This place is often used as a place for several Indonesia Festival from many agencies or organizations.

4. Nusantara Flower Garden (Taman Bunga Nusantara)

As the name implies, Taman Bunga Nusantara has tons of beautiful flowers that can be seen or used as photo spots. This park is an exciting destination because there are rare flowers from various countries such as France, Japan, Mediterranean countries, and many more.

Taking pictures in this park is guaranteed to be very interesting, especially if shared on social media. In addition, there are unique attractions at Taman Bunga Nusantara, such as a giant maze garden that makes many tourists curious to see it.

Some of the beautiful places recommended above can be visited when you are planning to go to Bogor. The sites above are also very suitable as destinations when you want to spend vacation time with family.

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