7 Best Tourism Spot to Explore Yogyakarta Indonesia


People seem to have countless words if they had to describe the city of Yogyakarta. The magical appeal, the city of cultures, to the natural beauty of the city will always make you never run out of words praising this beautiful city. Likewise, it seems like this city always possesses tons of tourist destinations that are very attractive and are always good ideas for tourists to go back to. Check out for these activities and recommended ideas below that you can do in Yogyakarta to get a memorable vacation and experience!

  • Relax in the Lagoon from the Sea, WediOmbo Pantai Beach

Have you always wanted to take a leisurely swim into the ocean but ended up being swept away by the waves? At WediOmbo Beach in Gunungkidul, you can soak peacefully in the salt water as you watch the sunset over the horizon. Inspired by the neatly stacked rocks, you can even begin to believe that the lagoon at WediOmbo Beach is man-made. However, be cautious of the wave levels here because the wave’s tide can rise all of sudden. In the worst case situation, a sudden intrusion of water could create  a wave roll that is strong enough to pull people out to the ocean.

  • Seeing the Beauty of Kedung Kandang Waterfall

The serene Kedung Kandang Waterfall, located in the village of Gunung Butak, cascades down 6 degrees from their terraced rice fields. You will only get to see this natural wonder during the rainy season. You will be stunned once you see this beautiful landscape, along with the rice fields, gently cascading waterfalls, and water.

To get there, a bit of hiking is required. But do not worry, it is going to be a healing panoramic trip along a nature route where you will be spoiled by views of hills, deserts, and stretches of the rice fields. Make sure to bring water and snacks with you.

  • Swim at Curug Pulosari

Tucked away amidst the hustle and bustle of Yogyakarta, Culog Pulosari is a well-hidden waterfall that provides natural water appeal. Since the waterfall is located at the base of a cliff, people who wish to admire the sparkling blue waters may have to do a bit of trekking, including hiking through the forest and crossing rivers.

At Curug Pulosari, you will be amazed by the view of the water flowing down the hillside, forming a curtain of pure water complemented by lush greenery around it. Indulge yourselves with a simple massaging of your toes from the clear water and by soaking in the nature pool.

  • Explore Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave was formed thousands of years ago when a piece of land 300 meters wide fell right into a sinkhole. The vegetation of this cave consists of weeds, ferns and even large trees that have remained untouched and preserved for centuries now. It descends almost 80 meters at the mouth of this cave, so you may smell these old trees dampened by the layers of rock that formed over years.

Around11.30 ~ 12.30 P.M in the noon is an ideal time where you will find the sun’s rays begin to shine through the gaps and then illuminate the forest below, making for a heavenly sight to behold. Due to its remote location and limited daily transportation, be sure to contact and book the guide-man to get a tour package in advance, as not many locals know much about this specific area nor could guide you while you are here. And do not forget to bring spare clothes to change.

  • Adventure to Kalisuci Tubing Cave

At Cave Tubing Kalisuci there are various water activities that await you to experience it. Here you could swim along the rivers in group, body and tube rafting, enjoying waterfalls, and the swift river stream. It would be a truly amazing experience. You will be equipped with a life jacket, headlights, helmet, knee protector, and of course, some guides to keep you safe. To be able to experience this ride, you only need to pay IDR. 70,000  per person with a minimum of 5 individuals. You will be served with hot tea and cup noodles at the end of the trip.

  • Conquering Ancient Volcano in Nglanggeran

The Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano is the oldest volcano from the Central Java region that used to be active 60 million decades ago. Its strange shape shows you the fact that its surface indeed was caused by a volcanic eruption. Reputedly 700 meters above the Gunungkidul Bridge, this stunning two-peak mountain only takes about 60 to 90 minutes of hiking beyond exotic rock formations and narrow rock walls.

After reaching the top of the West or East, then you may start to encounter some residents on the way. That’s because, according to locals, there should only be roughly only seven households living around the mountain. As you stand at its peak, you will be able to witness the stunning views of the karst mountains along with the strecthes of dense greenery from the highest place of this ancient volcano!

  • Visiting Klangon Hill, Merapi

Majority of you may know that Mount Merapi is one of the most iconic volcanoes in Indonesia. It is hard not to respect and also fall in love with such a great strength of character. You can show your appreciation of Mount Merapi at Klangon Hill as you will get up closer with this malignant volcano.

Besides its location close to Mount Merapi, Bukit Klangon is a cold mountain  with the panoramas that are still natural, so being here can calm and be a peace for your soul. Do not forget to go early in the morning while the sky is still clear so that there is no excuse such as bad weather or heavy clouds ruin your trip to enjoy the beautiful Merapi.

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