7 Most Popular Typical Jakarta Souvenirs


In Jakarta, you can find a variety of interesting tours, from historic to modern. After being satisfied traveling around Jakarta, of course, it will not be legal if you don’t hunt for some special souvenirs that are very delicious to bring back home

In addition to storing lots of interesting tourist attractions, Jakarta also has various special culinary delights that you can consider buying as souvenirs when you return to America. Even though Jakarta is a capital city, you can still find souvenirs at competitive prices. The rapid development luckily did not vanish the typical food of Jakarta, which was dominated by the Betawi tribe. Here are seven recommendations for typical Jakarta souvenirs that you must take home.

  • Roti Buaya

Most Indonesian people are familiar with Roti Buaya, which in english means crocodile bread. As the name implies, Roti buaya has a shape like a crocodile with a reasonably large size. This bread is one of the mandatory parcels of wedding in Betawi culture. Even so, you can still taste the crocodile bread even if you are not about to get married. Several bakeries in Jakarta have provided this bread specifically for souvenirs with normally a relatively smaller size.

  • Kue Semprong

Semprong cake is a typical Jakarta snack that is well known throughout Indonesia. This cake has a shape like a small elongated tube with a crunchy and savory texture. The aroma of this cake is very attractive to consumers, so not a few of them buy in large quantities to be used as souvenirs. This cake is also guaranteed to be a favorite of those who are sweet-tooth because it uses brown sugar as its raw material. A perfect snack to complement your tea time in winter.

  • Dodol Betawi

Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia has a special dodol or a chewy sweet candy, namely Betawi Dodol. The original dodol from Betawi itself is made with several mixtures, such as white sticky rice, black sticky rice, palm sugar as a sweetener, and durian, a tropical fruit typical of Indonesia. If you visit Jakarta, Betawi dodol can be an option as a souvenir for your families in America. Besides its delicious taste, dodol is also claimed to last long enough, even though it does not use artificial preservatives.

  • Kue Telur Gabus Keju

Generally, you will only find this snack during the Eid season or a Moslem’s big day in Indonesia. But in Jakarta, you can buy this snack at almost all souvenir shops because it is originally from Betawi. At first back in the old days, this cake did not have various flavors, but now you can enjoy a cork egg cake (kue telur gabus) with a cheese flavor on the inside. This cake is a dry cake, so it can last a long time if you want to buy them as souvenirs from Jakarta. Its crunchy texture will go well with your hot tea.

  • Bir Pletok

Although it is called Pletok beer, this drink is not intoxicating and is even categorized  halal so your Moslem friends still can drink it. This is because beer pletok is made with traditional spices, such as ginger, pandan leaves, lemongrass, and several other ingredients. It is named pletok beer because the water will be boiled and make a popping sound (pletok). This beer is also packaged in glass bottles and also in powder form so that you can make it as a souvenir. Drinks that are very suitable to be consumed in winter.

  • Kue Akar Kelapa (Coconut Root Cake)

As the name implies, this cake also has a shape that resembles the roots of a coconut tree, which is irregularly curved. Coconut root cake is made from several main ingredients: rice flour, eggs, sugar, butter, and glutinous rice flour. You can make this cake as a souvenir because it tastes savory and not too sweet. In addition, this cake can also last quite a long time.

  • Kue Kembang Goyang (Honeycomb Cookies)

Kue Kembang Goyang or Honeycomb cookie is one of the traditional snacks that is quite well known in Jakarta. It is named so because this cake has a shape like a sunflower in bloom. You can make this cake as a gift because it tastes delicious. A sprinkling of sesame seeds on top of this cake makes the taste even more savory and delicious.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Jakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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