A Road Trip to Bhuj


Bhuj is a beautiful desert city  of old palaces and century long traditions. Home to a plethora of ancient civilizations, Bhuj offers a mesmerizing view of the ruins in an orange sunset. Gujarat is quite well- known for its aesthetic and ethnic appeal, and Bhuj is no exception to this praise. My trip to Bhuj was quite an unexpected one!

Why did I choose Bhuj?


My family and I had come to Ahmedabad for a family friend’s wedding, and we realised that it had been quite a long time since we had an actual holiday. We were confused on where to go, and we decided we want a place that was scenic but not so crowded and expensive. So we narrowed down on Bhuj, and decided to drive there to spend some quality time together. It was a fine December morning and we were very excited about the lon-pending but much needed family vacation.

The drive to Bhuj


The ideal time to visit Bhuj is from October to February, and we were feeling extremely lucky to have made this trip in the best of climates. The distance between Ahmedabad and Bhuj is around 130 kms which is approximately 6 hours by road. There are multiple routes one can take, but the best is the Ahmedabad- Bhuj route via Viramgam, Dhrangadhra, Maliya, and Bhachau. We decided to book a spacious and comfortable tempo traveller in Ahmedabad for the journey. We left Ahmedabad at 7 in the morning post a light breakfast and hit the road.

The roads are well maintained and comfortable with multiple food joints to satisfy the food cravings along the journey. It was a pleasant drive and the driver service was excellent. In fact, he was a localite and was quite helpful in helping us identify good eateries to eat during the long journey.

Where Did we go in Bhuj?


November to March is also the time for the Rann Kutch Utsav, which is a carnival of music under the skies of the desert. There are multiple options in terms of stay packages and the experience is absolutely breathtaking. But since we had time only for a small trip, we drew up a very simple itenary. We reached Bhuj around 1 PM and checked into a hotel to drop our luggage and grab some lunch. And then all of us wanted to do something different, so we ended up wasting almost an hour on deciding where to go.



Hamirsar Lake and Aina Mahal


Finally we decided to go to the Hamirsar Lake, which is a man-made lake built around 450 years ago. It is of prime local importance as it was an indispensable source of water post the devastating earthquake in 2001. We then visited the Aina Mahal, which is an 18th century palace built with intricate mirror work. It is around 1km from the city centre so we were able to access it easily. We shopped through the streets for Bhuj’s famous metal ornaments and handicrafts. We then watched the orange sun set among the beautiful buildings across the city. We were so thankful for all these experiences which was possible only because we had booked a licensed and top-rated cab in Ahmedabad; otherise, we probably would be confused and stuck on the same spot.

Returning Back


We had to return the next morning because we had already taken quite some leaves for the wedding. Though we were worried we were stressing ourselves after a long wedding, my family and I actually needed that trip to rejuvenate individually as well as bond together as a family. I’d definitely recommend a road trip to Bhuj for someone looking for a short yet memorable trip in Gujarat.





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