Amazing ayuhuasca from Peru


You might not be familiar with the name ayahuasca but it is a pretty common medicinal term in Peru. The Shipibo is one of the most ethnic groups in Peru which pride themselves on being the mastermind of the ayahuasca original retreat and its amazing treatments. The ayuhuasca is a special tea which is made from the banisteriopsis caapi vine and the psychotria viridis shrub.  Both these plants have hallucinogenic components which can have an impact on the mind and brain.

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The special tea is prepared from ayahuasca by a shaman or a spiritual leader who is experienced in holding many an ayahuasca ceremonies. An ayahuasca original retreat will have a specially trained and experienced group of shamans to conduct the rituals, particularly for the people who are taking it for the first time. It will also have a medical staff on hand for emergencies. This kind of therapy is reported to cure emotional imbalances like depression, mood swings, trauma and unpleasant memories by uplifting your life condition. The shamans are trained and experienced through hereditary family lines to conduct the ayahuasca ceremonies and provide enlightening and soul searching innate self exploring experiences to the participants.  The ikaros are sacred healing songs from the plants which are sung by these shamans. The participants are encouraged to connect with their inner selves with each dosage of the medicine that is offered.


During the ceremony, you will need to put complete faith in mother ayahuasca. As mentioned before, people react differently to the levels of ayahuasca. So it is best to treat it with an open mind with the exotic experience of living in a Peruvian village and experiencing some exotic medicine. However, make enquiries about a truly genuine retreat and ayahausca shamans center which comprises of educated and learned shamans. However, you can also cure physical ailments from this dosage. It is always best to be very well informed before you opt for an ayahuasca treatment.  There have been many reports of this medicine being used for many mental health issues and also drug addiction treatments. But you need to be very well researched before trusting yourself with a shaman.  So read up and do your homework before going to one of the ayahuasca retreats.  You can also read reviews of peoples ayahuasca personal experience online before doing it yourself.

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