The Most Important Landmarks Of Hurghada


1- Mini Egypt Park.

In this museum, you can see all the Egyptian monuments in the form of small miniatures, and it was created so that the tourists get to know the tourist attractions in Egypt, and in this museum, you can see the monuments of Egypt from Aswan to Cairo and Alexandria, where the miniatures were made for each of the Aswan High Dam, western mainland crossings that are located in Luxor, the Cairo Tower, the Library of Alexandria, and others.

2- Al-Dahar Mosque.

It was built in the seventies of the last century, and this mosque is considered one of the most beautiful and best mosques in Hurghada, as it features two towering minarets and contains a lot of decorated paintings from the inside, and its exterior walls are illuminated in the evening to give a wonderful and attractive view for tourists.

3- Al-Sakkala neighborhood.

It is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Hurghada, as it contains many hotels, cafes, and shops, and it is characterized by the presence of the Sheraton road parallel to the seashore, and it is an important destination for tourists.

4- El-Kawthar neighborhood.

Al-Kawthar neighborhood is located to the south of the Al-Sakkala neighborhood, and it is called (Tourist Walk). it contains a large shopping center, and it also includes many shops and bazaars that sell old statues and souvenirs, and there are many villas and chalets that were built on the latest style, which contains many swimming pools.

Finally, after the end of this brief introductory tour in Hurghada, which is one of the most beautiful and most important tourist cities of Egypt, we advise all tourists who need to spend enjoyable vacations visit Hurghada, the city of glamor and beauty, to enjoy its cleanliness, nature, calmness, water beauty, moderate climate, and attractions. we also advise tourists to use to get the best hotels in Hurghada city.


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