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Odessa is the pride of Ukraine. This is not only the largest port and cultural and industrial center of the country, but also the most famous resort. In 2014, the so-called South Palmyra celebrated its next anniversary – 220 years.

Thanks to countless bars, restaurants, clubs and beaches, Odessa has long become one of the most popular resorts. Thousands of tourists come here every summer in order to get plenty of fun, get a light Ukrainian tan and stock up on exciting experiences for the whole year. Today, this legendary capital of humor has also become a center of entertainment for the young and energetic.

Thanks to Catherine II, or Historical and Geographical Location

Odessa, washed by the bay of the same name, is located on the plain of the northwestern part of the Black Sea coast. Its area is more than 160 square kilometers. Obviously, the geographical location of the city was chosen incredibly well. And this is not surprising, because Odessa was founded by the great Empress Catherine II, who was an excellent strategist: it was she who designated the importance of the Black Sea port for trade communications with European countries. And it turned out to be right: two centuries ago, the city, at the intersection of the main European and Asian sea routes, as well as near large rivers – the Danube, the Dnieper, the Dniester and the Southern Bug, had great political and economic significance. Today in Odessa there is an airport, a railway and a seaport, which means that there are all favorable conditions for receiving guests and transporting goods.

Hot summers and warm winters

The air temperature in Odessa rarely drops below zero, the average annual temperature ranges from +9 to +11 ° C. This coastal city has a mild, temperate continental climate, so winters are warm (about 0 ° C) and summers are dry and hot (+26 … + 30 ° C). The sea temperature in the swimming season is approximately +26 … + 27 ° C, but in the winter months you can swim only after the bath, as the water warms up only to +6 … + 7 ° C.

Hospitable Odessa

Beach holidays in Odessa

In Odessa there are many diverse beautiful beaches, so everyone will find a place for themselves under the sun. The length of city beaches is about 25 km, the most famous of which are considered to be “Dolphin”, “Arcadia”, “Joy” and “Langeron”. It is pleasantly pleased that the entrance to the sandy space is completely free, but you still need to rent umbrellas and sun loungers. All beaches are well equipped, they have everything that may be required during the day.


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