Beautiful places to explore in Dubai


Dubai became a worldwide paradise for people. The cosmopolitan town is a combination of cultures from all around the world due to the influx of people seeking better jobs and a better lifestyle. From exotic Arab belly dancing into the adventurous desert safari trip, there’s so much to do while you are here. The glimmering city surrounded by dry sand with high skyscrapers and beautiful architecture is surely a sight which grabs your attention first when you land in the golden city. Following is a list of five things you have to experience during your tour with Dubai Adventures LLC.  Dubai is the most famous of the seven Emirates of the Arabian Peninsula (Gulf), that comprise the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the next largest after Abu Dhabi for safari booking visit this page. Inquire now for Golden Visa Dubai and get ready for amazing tour.

The official language in the emirate of Dubai is Arabic but English, Hindi, Persian are also spoken broadly, by the start of the 20th century, Dubai’s geographic location made it an important trading hub and an important port. When the oil was discovered in 1966, the emirate of Qatar set a new monetary unit to replace the Gulf Rupee. The oil economy caused a massive influx of foreign workers, quickly expanding the town by 300 percent and earning global oil interests. No mather the 1990 Gulf War, the town regained and slowly get back the worldwide depositors and traders to become one of those Mid-East fastest growing economies and a contemporary luxury travel destination. In Dubai, There Are Lots of tourist attractions like the famous ones are

Desert Safari Tour

Dubai’s Desert Safari is one of the most well-known events, where you will encounter dune bashing in a 4×4 vehicle. It is a bumpy, electrifying ride that keeps you on the verge. There are different types of packages available, like a morning or evening desert safari, but to make the most of your journey, spare time for a safari immediately. Following the thrilling ride is dinner, dancing performances, and complete cultural experience. Reserve your safari ride beforehand, especially during the holiday year otherwise, you cannot find a place.  On a desert safari, you’ll experience the roller-coaster sensation of traveling throughout the desert’s astonishing high dunes by 4-Wheel-Drive vehicle called dune bashing. The travel will take you to a number of the most interesting sites – that the deserts of Dubai. Additionally, you may see the camel farms and have the opportunity to take a photo. Or you attempt camel riding in the open desert.

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Different Theme Parks

Dubai remains ahead of the curve when it comes to providing the visitors with what they require. Only a nature enthusiast or cultural enthusiast? Do not worry, you will find an assortment of theme parks in the town to make your trip exciting. Make your inner experience seeker fuel by going over to a park only created for you. From water parks like Wild Wadi into Legoland theme hotel Dubai has everything. Inspire your inner Diva with a ride to the Motiongate amusement park comprising a Hollywood motif and Dreamworks installations which are bound to sweep your feet off. If you are more of a Bollywood addict, however, Dubai has another Bollywood theme park only for you.

The Fountain Show

The famed dancing fountain is situated just below Burj ul Khalifa, in the Dubai Mall. Catch the largest synchronized fountain in the world on a manmade lake shooting water up as large as a 50-story residence! At 6 pm every day the fountain show begins performing a water dancing each 30 minutes. To get enchanted by the lights and music, catch the magic musical output of this synchronized water motion. The sight will surely overwhelm you, especially if you’re taking a boat ride for a close look.

Palm Islands at Jumeirah

While Dubai has a long coastline along the way with many beaches, Jumeirah Beach is a favorite of the tourists. Enjoy a coastal shore walk as the blue waves crash . And hyper size yourself as the sun sets on the horizon, even as you drink some tea. The reason this beach is popular with tourists is that the shore offers several facilities including loungers, water, sports, and restaurants. The magnificent Burj ul Arab, sports clubs, spas, and resorts are all round the beach to grow your day. The sun is shining in Dubai, so stock up on the sunscreen before going for some fun in the pool.  They make it huge when they create it in Dubai. Thus, take an entire day out to fully enjoy and visit a single theme park.  Therefore, what are you going to do when you land in a golden city and desert safari sharjah Ensure you prepare and arrange your travel daily so you don’t miss out on the experiences that await you with Dubai Adventures

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