Everything You Need to Know About Barcelona Food Tours


Barcelona is the capital city of Spain’s Catalonia region, rich in art, culture, and architecture. Including several Roman architectural and archaeological masterpieces it is a hot spot for medieval Spanish culture growing as one of the most favorite tourist destinations. One striking and wonderful feature of this place is its food. Pure Barcelona cuisine is a foodie’s delight. Here we look at the things you need to know about food and food tour new york ny.

Engage in Wine Tasting

The Spanish country is home to 69 different types of wine across 17 different provinces, among which Barcelona caters to at least 15 different types. Cava is one of the most famous and delicious sparkling wine types in the world which is found in the Macabeu, Parellada, and Xarel regions of Barcelona. Engaging in wine tasting would be an exciting thing to do in Barcelona.

Experience Ham and Wine Tasting

Apart from just wine tasting, certain restaurants and bars offer ham and wine tasting together. Spanish hams like jamón serrano or jamón ibérico are the best quality hams and leave a soothing aftertaste along with Cava can be a delight. Ham is a staple diet in Spain and especially Barcelona and can be found almost in every cafe and restaurant. 

Opt for Gastronomic Pubs and Restaurant

If you travel to a place like Barcelona, it is a must to visit the gastronomic restaurants aka the Michelin starred restaurants. With magical results, these restaurants are overcoming culinary boundaries as they are developing newer foods by injecting foreign culture into native Spanish delicacies.

Try Tapas Bars

Native Spanish cuisines with meat, seafood, and drinks are served at the local tapas bars in Barcelona. Few high-end and trendy tapas restaurants are also found which serve quality dining solutions to the tourists at affordable rates. Visiting a tapas bar to dine is one of the main attractions in Barcelona.

Visit the Local Markets

The city of Barcelona boasts of nearly 40 local markets across the city. It is a joyous ride for the tourists to visit the immensely colorful local markets, which contain everything from vegetables, spices to clothes, and jewelry. The most common is the central market of La Boqueria, flocked by locals as well as tourists. 

The Barcelonian day tours are crafted specially to take tourists to specific spots of amusement and wonders around the city of Barcelona at pocket-friendly rates.

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