Best Hotel Selection for Staycation in Surabaya


Most people go on trips when they are bored with their daily activities. But not a few also prefer to have a staycation and relax at hotels. With the best staycation experience, your vacation will feel calmer and more memorable.

Currently, many hotel choices have complete facilities to support activities during a staycation. One of the cities with a variety of hotels suitable for relaxing while on vacation is Surabaya. The following are recommendations for the best hotels in Surabaya as your reference.

Hotel Recommendations for Staycation in Surabaya

Surabaya is one of the tourist cities with various exciting holiday destinations. Apart from that, this city also has many hotels with luxurious and comfortable buildings to provide a pleasant staycation experience.

1. Sheraton Hotel Surabaya 

Sheraton Hotel is a 5-star hotel with international-class services. It is strategically located and has direct access to Tunjungan Plaza. So that visitors can easily go there after having a relaxing time in the hotel room.

All rooms at this hotel have complete facilities, from air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, to hot shower. The room size is quite spacious, making it also comfortable for long-term stays. The design of the building is modern and luxurious.

2. VASA Hotel Surabaya

VASA is a hotel in Surabaya Indonesia with elegant and contemporary architecture. In addition, the design of the building also uses warm colors to make visitors feel at home for a staycation.

The facilities provided by the hotel are complete. Gyms, playgrounds, swimming pools, and fine dining restaurants are free to use by visitors. Staycation at this hotel makes the visitors comfortable, and they don’t have to go anywhere else.

3. Artotel Surabaya

Artotel Surabaya Hotel is a hotel that is perfect for a staycation for art lovers. The design of the building is artistic with every room is painted wall with murals. During the construction process, the hotel collaborated with local artists.

Staycation at the Artotel Hotel offers its own unique experience because every corner has an aesthetic spot. The location is strategic because you can reach it from the airport. This hotel is also close to a shopping center, so visitors don’t need to worry if they want to shop.

4. Majapahit Hotel Surabaya

Majapahit Hotel is famous for its classic and elegant style. This hotel is deliberately made similar to buildings from the Dutch colonial era. So that visitors who stay here will experience a unique staycation experience.

In addition, Majapahit Hotel has a large yard filled with grass and trees. The rooms are designed in a vintage style to add to the specialty of this hotel. There are several facilities, such as a spa and swimming pool, to add activities during a staycation.

Staycation is a relaxing activity at a hotel which can be your option to spend your vacation. Now there are many choices of hotels with complete facilities to make visitors feel at home during their staycation.

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