Best Places to visit in October



October is the month of holidays. From Diwali to Dussehra, there are a number of reasons to enjoy breaks in this month. People from all over India go on a vacation in different parts of the world during this time. Since October is the welcoming month of winter, globetrotters love to explore new places before the arrival of the chilling season. Let’s talk about the 4 most amazing places to vacation in October. 


Tasmania is an island-state of Australia which is known for its natural vegetation and cultural beauty. In the company of your family members, exploring the island is no less than a breathtaking experience. Let your soul feel the thrill of jet skiing, kayaking, ocean surfing, etc. in Tasmania. 


The capital of Qatar is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in the Middle East. From scintillating beaches to multistory buildings to historical museums, you will find a wide-ranging place to experience in Doha. Make your tour spiritual by witnessing centuries-old mosques.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Witness the delight of one of the world’s most charming islands while walking on the beaches of India’s Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The Indian union territory offers a splendid view of the endless blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. Walking on the virgin beaches and engaging in water sports make you feel like being in heaven.

Mexico City

If you are a culture lover who loves to explore things from the past, there cannot be a more beautiful site to trip in than the city of Mexico. Do not miss the Teotihuacan which is known as the city of god and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will also witness many museums and historical buildings during your visit.

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