The best Imperial cities of Morocco



Wealthy Moroccan women had calming recreational activities – embroidery. It was a traditional pastime for Moroccan women during the ancient times of Morocco, and this museum features the most amazing Moroccan embroidery motifs collection. Styles differ, as you’ll find bright flower motifs that originate from Rabat and Aleju embroidery that’s more practised in Fes. The latter includes red and blue nature motifs with gold threading.

Creations from the High and Middle Atlas are also featured in this museum. Berber tribes across Morocco have contributed to the museum. There’s an entire section dedicated to Moroccan carpets which feature gorgeously made carpets that reflect rural landscapes with gardens and livestock.

Between the 11th and 18th-century, Arabs have developed and perfected astrolabes, a two-dimensional model of the celestial sphere. A collection of these instruments is waiting for you at the end of your tour. A stellar collection that’s incredibly functional as well as beautiful. Typically used by navigators, astrologers, and astronomers, these instruments will strike celestial joy into your heart with their metal and inset jewellery decoration.

They were used to predict the position of the moon, sun, stars, and planets, and now they’ll make your Morocco desert tours more enjoyable.

Unwind as you admire

Delight in delicious Moroccan mint tea after you’re done with your tour, and enjoy the Andalusian Garden as you gaze into your surroundings.

During your Marrakech to fes desert tours, you’ll have a chance to see Fes’ key points and monuments, including the Foundouk El-Nejjarine and the Al-Qarawyyin Mosque.


Where can I stay?

Unlike Marrakech day trips, going to the Rif Mountains takes time. It’s not a 20-minute adventure – although you can have many of that kind when you’re there.

You can relax in the comfort of a hotel when travelling to the Rif Mountains. Chefchaouen has amazing hotels that can accommodate the whole troop and award you that joyous Rifian feeling. On the outskirts of Rif Mountains, you’ll find the blue pearl. Its accommodating and friendly atmosphere will make you feel welcome, and the food is just heavenly.

However, if you prefer to go through an authentic adventure, you may camp off the trails of Talassemtane National Park and its vast surrounding area. There aren’t many formal campsites, so planning things ahead is optimal. Make sure to bring all essentials, and consider camping with a knowledgeable guide. Doing so will yield many advantages, as most of them provide mules and will assist you to plan a path.

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