Best Time to Visit Walla Walla


Wanna take a break from the rush hour traffic and the hustle and bustle of the city? Missing the countryside life? Looking to take a rest from work and explore new and fun activities with your family? Then, Walla Walla is the best place to visit!

Located in a beautiful valley, surrounded by streams and mountains, home to more than a hundred wineries, Walla Walla is the city you must visit when you’re in Washington.

May – June is considered the best time to take a tour in the city. These months have the perfect temperature to get around exploring all the corners of Wallawalla and what it offers. From their local foods, finest wines and the hidden gems for leisure activities, you will surely love it there.

If you are planning to visit the city, it is best to know at least a few on the list of what you can add to your itinerary.

It’s a place of many waters

  • The city is a testament to the beauty of an extraordinary place – housing so many lakes, rivers, and streams where tourists can enjoy natural flowing water – it is often called as “a place of many waters”.

Pioneer Park

  • Built in 1902, the long-standing park is ideal for a serene walk or a day out with the family with a lot of sporting hardware, soccer fields, softball fields, and pickleball courts. The recreation center additionally includes a wedding wellspring for festivals, and a lot of walking paths that breeze through green yards and blossom gardens concealed by enormous trees, an open air aviary loaded up with an assortment of birds, and a notable cannon.

Hot Air Balloon

  • In case you’re searching for something fun and energizing to do, consider going on a wonderful hot air ballooning outing over the city. Some conduct an exclusive balloon flight with breathtaking views of the picturesque Walla Walla Valley.

City of Sculpture

  • This city is also home to many talented hands. Their works have been displayed in the heart of Walla walla and that includes the City of Sculpture.

Wineries’ Tour and Wine Tasting

  • The city has been recognized for its culinary scene, thanks to its vigorous wine industry. It is also known as one of the finest wine regions in the nation.

It’s mid June right now so it is this time of the year to visit Walla Walla. The sprawling Blue Mountains, the beautiful dusks, and the amazing restaurants, shops, and local events are waiting for you to enjoy.

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