The Best Food in Labuan Bajo You Should Try!


Dramatic views about lush green hills, pristine sands, and grinning locals. All that is identified for its island of Flores from Western Nusa Tenggara. When you arrive at Labuan Bajo, you’ll instantly feel that positive vibe and sense of dwelling within the very initial steps on the land of Flores. As in most stops of the three-month excursion through Indonesia, Labuan Bajo gives visitors some fantastic restaurants. Within this guide, we would like to discuss the very best meals at Labuan Bajo and indicate good places for an ideal ending of the day following delightful Palau Padar or excursions to the remarkable Komodo Dragons.

Labuan Bajo brings many individuals but cannot be regarded as a tourist hotspot or something like this. As a result of this reality, you receive an authentic image of Flores, it is people, and it is food.

1.     Bajo Bakery

From the Bajo Bakery, you’ll get everything such as hamburgers, fantastic bread, and many more tasty things. Additionally, refreshing coffee, homemade sandwiches, quiche, or unsalted eggs. It’s possible to enjoy your cappuccino inside or out of the cafe and work in steady and quick wifi.

2.     CAFE.IN.HIT Coffee Shop

You might even obtain good coffee at the Cafe. In.Hit Coffee Shop or delight in a few great meals. The cozy café also supplies fruity breakfast along with distinct bread variants. You will also discover some vegetarian choices so that it can be a terrific choice for all of you.

3.     Mediterraneo

The well-equipped restaurant Mediterraneo sells excellent Italian pizza, tasty pasta, legumes, and a few Indonesian specialties. If you do not use the wifi for work, you can observe the sun evaporating in the sea.

4.     Warung Mama

Warung Mama was the regular go-to location once we were all hungry. Here it is possible to satisfy many different backpackers and locals loving inexpensive and fantastic food. You receive red, yellow, or white rice, deep grilled vegetables, shrimps or poultry, and heaps of additional yummy items for a few bucks. Do you enjoy hot food? Request the hot sauce! Perfect with this fantastic Warung food will be the new, seasonal smoothies. Chilled air and a full stomach!

5.     La Cucina

The Italian restaurant provides some fantastic areas to sit and unwind, controlling the bay. After the sun sets, an ideal place to enjoy a crispy Pizza or homemade pasta. For all of us, La Cucina is still among the greatest restaurants at Labuan Bajo, for certain.

6.     Pasar Malam

In Pasar Malam, the neighborhood nighttime food marketplace, many tiny restaurants open their doors to people. Round the Warungs you’ll discover lots of alternatives to have a chair and revel in Indonesian specialities. In order to get a fantastic bang for your buck you are able to try many meals and talk to people from all around the world.

On account of the simple fact it is divided in two chief regions the Tree Top is really still a somewhat unusual restaurant. From the lower ground, groovy music can help you to appreciate your beer and play with a celebration of billiards. Upstairs you will have the most serene opinion on Labuan Bajo’s harbor. The Tree Pop is famed for its hot black fish dishes.

7.     Joyful Banana Komodo — Sushi at Labuan Bajo

The Joyful Banana Komodo is the best spot for all sushi lovers in Labuan Bajo. You will not anticipate the exterior, but the penetration is unique and constructed with a great deal of care for detail. The option of bowls, smoothies, and sushi can indeed create your day easier.

8.     Local Sector

Labuan Bajo also includes a neighborhood market that’s ideal for having snacks. Daily you can purchase fresh fruit, fish, and veggies at the sanctuary. Certainly worth a trip if you’re attempting to find the ideal meals at Labuan Bajo!

From your view, Labuan Bajo has just one or another restaurant with some excellent dishes on the menu. Can you spot your favorite?

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas, and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Labuan Bajo by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.